WiFi extender very slow

D’Link WiFi Extender Very Slow?

In the contemporary era, Wi-Fi plays a crucial role in our lives. So for this, every user installs a Wi-Fi router, access point, cable modem, and other Wi-Fi devices in his house. But in such devices, the Wi-Fi range is not proper & suitable for the big home, office, restaurant, and other places. To expand the range of this device, the user buys a range extender. Because with the help of range extender, the WI-Fi range of your current device absolutely improves it. If you are thinking of buying the range extender for an existing device, then you should buy a D’Link WiFi range extender/repeater. Because the WI-fi range is blazing & very high. In addition, many times, the user also faces the error “D’Link WiFi extender very slow”, then in that case the Wi-Fi range does not amplify it. 

Besides, the Wi-Fi range of the D’link Wi-Fi range extender/repeater is quadruple better than your existing device. You can reliably enjoy online gaming, HD movies/videos, music, and many more. But to improve the range, you have to perform the d’link wifi repeater setup with the WPS or web-based way. You can ingeniously perform the WPS button setup because it supports the WPS button. 

Reasons: D’Link WiFi Extender very slow?

The D’link Wi-Fi range extender impeccably works to extend the range of your existing device. But a few times, the Wi-Fi range of the extender becomes slow. Then, in this situation, the range of your existing devices such as access point, router, cable mode, & others does not amplify it. Then, for this, you need to understand the basic reasons that might slow down the range. 

  • You have not placed the extender in the correct spot
  • Maybe the setup of the d’link extender incomplete 
  • Not connecting to the internet
  • 5GHz network does not enable
  • Configure wrong wireless setting
  • Maybe the firmware of the D’link range extender is corrupted

D’Link WiFi Extender Very Slow? Here are the best keys 

After understanding the basic reasons that might be the Wi-Fi range slow down, you will be able to solve the issue. Through the below keys you can simply resolve the extender’s issue. 

Configure the 5GHz network 

Initially, you have to ascertain the network of the D’link range extender. Because sometimes the network also becomes the reason and the range becomes slow. To amplify or increase the WI-Fi range of the D’link range extender, you need to configure the 5GHz network. Because the 5 Gigahertz Wi-Fi network offers three times better Wi-Fi speed than the 2.4 Gigahertz. Then, with this band, the Wi-Fi range thoroughly improves or amplifies it. 

To configure the 5GHz network, you have to log in by mentioning the default IP in the search bar. Then, you have to navigate the extender’s Wireless setting & pick the network section. In the network section, you will see two networks. You have to pick the 5GHz network and configure it. 

Locate and find the finest spot 

To amplify the range of the D’link range extender, you need to locate the best spot or place of the D’link extender. If you do not select the best place, then the network connectivity slows down. In my opinion, the best spot of the D’link range extender is around the router. Because the extender only works for the router. In addition, you have not picked the spot if the extender is in the corner of the. The middle position of the home for the extender’s spot is the finest. 

Enable the WPA2 security encryption

If the security encryption does not configure then the network connectivity is not secure and the range of the extender is feeble. Then, for this, you have to configure the range extender/repeater. From dlinkap.local web address, you can navigate the setting. In the setting, you have to see the security encryption section. If the security encryption status is off, then you need to turn it ON. After that, the feeble range of the extender will be improved. 

Change the default SSID & password key of the extender 

If multiple networking devices hook to the D’link extender, then the range becomes very slow. So for this, you have to unhook an extra device. To unhook the extra device, you can change the SSID and password. In the wireless setting, the network name & password section is available. Then, through this section, the password & SSID can easily change. 

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