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Escalate Your Business With UberEats Like App Development

Cooking food has turned occasional with the evolution of on-demand food delivery apps. Gen Z or the Zoomers are considering online food delivery as a convenient option. Therefore the number of on-demand food delivery apps, as well as the number of consumers, are incredibly increasing each year.

A few stats and facts:

  • The millennials show more interest in shifting towards online food delivery culture. 
  • According to the reports of Forbes magazine in 2020, it is stated that 34% of the online consumers use Uber eats to order their food.
  • Almost 60% of restaurant owners have seen a spike in their business ever since the evolution of on-demand food delivery apps.
  • It is recorded that one in three online food consumers is a millennial.
  • At present, there are more than 45.6 million people using on-demand food delivery apps. It is anticipated that the number is expected to reach 53.9 million by 2023.

Story of UberEats

Uber is a pioneer in the on-demand service industry. It initially started with the ride-hailing service in 2009. Upon gaining huge popularity, Uber got into the food-delivery business.

It is said that Uber is planning to expand its service to deliver groceries, medicines, etc. 

The pandemic situation forced the government to implement lockdowns in many places. People were unable to move out of their place. Thus people found it convenient to order food online to reduce the risk of infection. Therefore, UberEats witnessed an increase in revenue by over 200 percent.

What are the steps to build a food delivery app like UberEats?

Know your target niche

The key step for initiating any business is to do complete market research. Take a set of people and do a survey to understand their expectations. This way, you can add or modify the features of your app to enable a seamless user experience.

Define Objective 

Have one clearly defined objective instead of having many. Be sure of what you want to provide your uses through your app. This can boost the development process and help you attain fruitful results. 

Know your competitors

It is crucial to know the strategies followed by your competitors. Do thorough research about their app to gain a better understanding. By achieving this, you can surpass the hassles faced by your competitors and attain glory in a better way.

UberEat like app development

The two effective ways to develop a robust food-delivery app like Uber are either by developing an app from scratch or by using the clone script of UberEats. 

  • Developing an app from scratch is just like building a home from the base. There is no headstart. You are responsible for doing all the groundwork. It involves hiring a highly skilled app development team. It generally consumes a month or two to develop an on-demand food delivery app from scratch. 
  • On the contrary, deploying a ready-to-launch solution will take just a few days. As it is a pre-built app, it is packed with all the key features. You can customize your application as per your requirements and launch it within a short period of time. It is crucial to find a reliable app development company that offers the best UberEats clone script in the market. 

How does a food delivery app like ubereats work?

  1. The users undergo a quick sign-up process to enter into the app. There are multiple modes of sign-up methods like email ID, contact number, and other social media credentials. 
  2. Upon successful sign-up, users can now browse through the app to find their desired dish or restaurant.
  3. Using the advanced search bar, users can search for their desired restaurant that fits the various parameters.
  4. Once finding the right place, users can select the food and add it to their cart.
  5. After reviewing the cart again, users can place the order.
  6. There are multiple payment options available for the users to choose their convenient method.
  7. The restaurants receive the order request, which they view and confirm based on their availability.
  8. Upon confirmation of the order, the delivery executives receive a notification. The app directs the delivery person to the restaurant.
  9. The delivery person picks up the order and delivers it safely to the customer’s location in time.
  10. Meanwhile, the customers can track the movement of the delivery status in real-time. 
  11. The customers can share their ratings and reviews about the food and the delivery service.

In the long run,

Though there are multiple food-delivery apps in the market, the app that offers utmost benefits to its users always gains rapid popularity. Therefore enchant your users by providing additional benefits like discounts and coupons and grab a vast number of users swiftly. 

It is high time to get into UberEats like app development that can potentially leverage huge revenue right away. Deploying a scalable UberEat clone app will help you expand your app as your business grows. Without having any second thoughts, get your hands on a white-label solution that can allow you to launch your dream food-delivery app available for both Android and iOS devices.

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