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Complete Guide to be an expert in social Media

Do you want to get more people to like your content on social media and share it with their friends? You have to remember what social media is, first and foremost. And what is? It is a form of communication. And communication is intrinsically a form of expression.

Once you understand this, you will better understand the psychology of sharing and thus encourage people to share much more of your content. So keep reading

A social media expert must understand why people share 

Social media is about communication, which is the expression of people. This is also true in real life: when we communicate, we are mainly expressing something about our opinions, our feelings, or our personality. We love to express ourselves, and most of us are quite selfish.  Given the opportunity, we almost always try to divert the subject to something related to us.


When you look at someone’s room or house: it will be decorated with things that say things about him. It’s about his sense of style, hobbies and interests, and family and friends. Your Instagram profile is very much an extension of this. And the posts you share and the stories and reels you publish serve to show people what you care about and what you like to do (or what you wish they would think you like to do!).


Knowing this, what makes someone like a Facebook page or share a link often? Self-expression. If you write a post about the health benefits of martial arts, who do you think will share it? Martial arts fans. Why? Because they want people to know that they agree with your statement and therefore make it part of their identity.


Similarly, if you write something about telecommuting and it’s funny or interesting, then people who work from home will post it so their friends can learn a little more about how they work. As you can see, sharing content is often a way to show different aspects of your personality.

Another reason is, Share with friends. 

And the other reason we share? It is to show that we think of someone. When we don’t express ourselves, we often share content that we think is ideal for another person.

First, the content is addressed to a single, very specific person in both situations. To be a social media expert, you need to avoid pleasing everyone – try to write expressive content that the right people will relate to.

Why a social media expert needs to add value to have a great profile

Do you want to create a social media profile with thousands of followers? Do you hope to use it to raise awareness of your brand and drive traffic and sales? Cool!

The One Thing As A Social Media Expert You Must Do To Be Successful 

When you try to be successful in social networks, there is only one thing you have to do: add differential value. That can be in the form of entertainment, it can be in the form of inspirational and uplifting content, or it can be in the form of useful links and posts.

But either way, it has to be useful. And a good way to know if you’re getting it is to imagine that your social networks were removed tomorrow. How would people react? Would you be disappointed that something you enjoyed reading or found useful is no longer available?

Or is it that no one cares?

The biggest mistake of social media experts

Not only that, but using this type of approach will only make a company look out of date and old-fashioned: they don’t seem to understand how to use social media!

So think differently and start asking yourself what your followers would like to see from you.

Try to offer genuine value.

People will be entertained or informed about and thus think of your SEO Dubai Company almost as a product or service in itself. The goal is to create a profile that people are excited about and willing to visit.

For example, if you have a fitness business, all you have to do is regularly post inspirational quotes, training tips, and photos of people training. Work done!

But what if you work in life insurance? Or in accounting? So how are you supposed to develop a channel that people can relate to?

Be Transactional

The simplest solution is to create a social network page that does not have to do directly with the niche or the sector you focus on but is semantically related. 

This is a pretty boring product (no pun intended) and not something people want to read about every day. But what is intrinsically related is interior decoration. People have light bulbs in their lamps, and lamps are a fundamental part of our decoration.

In any case, you now have a profile full of unique ideas that homeowners may want to refer to for inspiration, and you’re providing a service. In this way, you can get many followers, get many shares, and occasionally try to promote your bulbs.

 Why on social media 

It’s not enough to think of your social media campaign as separate and distinct from everything else you do. Rather, you have to consider it from the perspective of what you want to achieve and how you will do it.


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