Colors of the Quartz Countertops Will Grab your Attention!

Some are smart enough to understand how quartz differs from other natural stones. Quartz countertops are as unique as you can imagine. It comprises 90% crushed quartz and the remaining 10% consists of polymeric or cementitious binders, which is why quartz is considered a solid artificial stone formed after a certain chemical process. This stone is a very rigid substance that cannot be used in its original state. Quartz worktops kent has some amazing properties and benefits that you would like to know about. 

What is quartz 

this manmade stone is manufactured by mixing certain chemicals to make the natural quartz stone stronger and more solid. It’s available in a variety of color options and design patterns that mimic natural stones. The non-porous properties of this material enhance the functionality of quartz worktops kent. These countertops have a non-porous surface that does not absorb liquids, grow bacteria, or stain. It is also valued for its heat-resistant quality as it can easily outlast pots that are directly placed. Quartz is used for kitchen and bathroom countertops. 

How is it made? 

This synthetic material is made from crushed quartz stone mixed with resin, pigments and polymers and offers great adaptability in terms of color and blade length. 

The general appeal of stone 

The combination of nature and scientific outcome makes the appearance of quartz countertops extremely versatile. The smooth or mottled appearance of the countertop depends on the roughness of the crushed glass or other materials added for aesthetics as pigments to easily modify the look or to imitate original stones such as granite or marble. Mixing gemstones or crystals in the bond can make the stone more attractive. 

This immense stone will last a long time 

Did you know that quartz is an incredibly hard and durable material? The pore-free properties of quartz make it hard and difficult to chip. In contrast to a granite countertop, a quartz work surface does not require any shielding or filler.  

Good scratch resistance 

As mentioned earlier, quartz is scratch-resistant, it can only be scratched by three other natural minerals including diamond, topaz, and sapphire. Interestingly, quartz is stronger than granite surfaces, it has twice the strength. quartz also outperforms marble with 7 degrees of hardness. 

It’s not high maintenance

This reconstituted stone requires very little maintenance as all you need to clean these quartz worktops kent is soap, water, and a cloth. However, this stone has small drawbacks, one of which is its poor heat resistance, and larger ones will have seams. 

Personalize the stone according to your wishes 

Each customizable material gives the customer a personal touch. Unlike other natural stones, you can easily get the shape, color, and pattern you need to make it more attractive and to complement your kitchen interior. 

Eco-friendly option! 

Quartz is a stone that is not scarce and widely present on earth. The extraction of this stone does not have a negative impact on the environment as rare stones do. 

Color does not fade 

Quartz is valued for its uniformity of color plus pattern compared to other materials. Being an artificial stone, it is made keeping in mind the strong point which is the appearance of Chelmsford quartz countertops. This stone will not lower your expectations when it arrives at your home to be installed in your beautiful kitchen.

Beautiful attraction 

All synthetic materials for the home are made with the aim of attracting customers, as opposed to natural stones which are mined, cut, and sold. This is one of the reasons you can find these quartz samples in stores. 

Cheaper material 

There is nothing better than getting something that also has a luxurious look and durability at a very low price, especially when compared to granite and marble. You can expect the price to go up and down depending on the colors and styles. 

You want a countertop that meets all your needs, customize it! 

In contrast to natural stones, quartz can be personalized because it is an artificial stone. You can easily customize the overall appearance, cuts, design, and shades according to your needs.

Hygienic option 

All meals are prepared on the countertops, so you should always look for a hygienic material for you and your family. The non-porous properties of quartz worktops kent do not allow them to absorb any liquid that may inhabit germs and bacteria. 

stop looking further and start visiting shops and online stores for quartz worktops kent and make your home super appealing! 

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