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Best Practices to Implement Chat Support on your Website

The Internet has brought a revolution in the strategies that businesses use for marketing. The direct contact of businesses with the customers, through an interface, has brought so many elements into the action. Customer service was merely a term for businesses twenty years back. Now, the prime goal of businesses is to enhance customer service. Many strategies are used to enhance customer services, and chatbots are one of them. There has been a rapid increase in the usage of chatbots embedded with automatic reply technology. But there are many who are missing out on implementing the right strategies for providing chat support to the customers. Therefore, availing services of reputable and reliable IT support and maintenance services is highly significant. Let’s list down the right practices to implement chat support on the website.

1- Avoid including Excessive Robotics:

The biggest flaw of any chat support on the website is acting thoroughly like a robot. The more it looks like a robot, the more people will be deter to engage through the chatbots. It is highly significant for the websites to show that the humans at the back end answer the customers’ questions. People avoid engaging with robot chatbots because they generate the same responses, which do not totally answer their questions. But when it is a human, they can address the questions most appropriately. Giving customers a personal experience is the prime pillar of enhancing customer experience. The more prominent role of robotics can negatively impact customer service. If not the human, you should use the highly advanced technology to give accurate responses.

2- Choose The Right Place:

Chat Support

One another effective strategy of increasing customer communication and interaction through chatbots is through its strategic positioning. You cannot format a chatbot everywhere; instead, you should place it in crucial places where the customers are expected to engage in an interaction. You should be present on the page where they seek your assistance. You must provide assistance across all the popular pages where the customers will prefer to engage. Because if you choose a place where the user can’t able to see the chatbox or when he opens it then all of the screens will be covered with chatbox. Like Facebook chat box this is the best example because this is user friendly.


3- Be Careful with Prompts:

Today, everything is recorded and evaluated with scrutiny. As a reputable business, you should not write anything on the website that you cannot fulfil.

The same goes for chatbots. If your headline is ‘live chat’ on the chatbot, you will have to be actually present live. You will build a bad reputation If you delay the response in such a scenario. But upkeeping to your promise will attract more customers to engage through it.

4- Real-Time Engagement with Co-Browsing:

The best way of providing the right guidance to the customers is co-browsing while chatting. It curtails the time to respond and provide the most appropriate support. Co-browsing is short of collective browsing. It provides the agents access to the customer’s browser, thus creating a clear and direct communication channel.

5- Integrate CRM with Live Chat:

Integrating CRM with live chat is a very effective feature that helps you keep a record of the customer’s name, email address, and requirement so that the agent can catch up with them easily in case of an unforeseen situation during the live chat.

6- Communicate in a Smart Way:

One of the less popular strategies to implement on chat support is to communicate effectively. It is effective communication that can turn mere visitors into loyal customers. The prerequisite of starting good communication is to understand their question first. Then it is to respond with the most accurate and specific reply.

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