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Beautiful Quartz Worktops Essex

Worktops are the essence of a kitchen. They are an important aspect of kitchens and not something that is ignorable. They are the surface that is used for accomplishing the majority of the kitchen work. This can be varied such as mixing, blending, chopping, placing items etc. This does not mean that this is done directly on the surfaces, for instance, a chopping board placed on the worktop is used for chopping, a blender placed on the worktops etc. Various materials have been used as worktops over the ages and across cultures. There are granite worktops, marble, Quartz Worktops Essex, wood and so much more today. While many of these worktops were made of natural stones and materials, many modern worktops are completely manmade such as concrete, metal, LG hi macs, Corian worktops and so much. Though the durability of these manmade and artificial worktops is questionable. While they may look appealing and give the kitchen a good aesthetic appeal, it may not last long enough to enjoy this appeal. 

Speaking of traditional worktops, it is a relatively new invention. It was common among many cultures to use a table to get the work done. While other cultures managed all of this on the floor of their kitchen. And this was possible for them as they used wood to fire their ovens and used underground ovens to do the work. So working for them floor fit their needs very well. But today, tabletop stoves and tabletop ovens have become so common that it just does not make sense anymore to work on the floor when everything had a place on worktops. As such, these cultures have also now adapted to doing all of their work on worktops. So in today’s world, worktops are a universal thing and can be seen in every home. Today many cultures use concrete to make their worktops. As they are building their home, they make the layout and put in the work for concrete worktops and shelves as well. This may have its issues such as chipping and staining and needing to be painted too often. 

Granite, marble and Quartz Worktops Essex are one of the more popular worktops around the world. They are loved by homeowners and they can be seen in many homes around the world. They have become a classic worktop that many people prefer. Adding to this, the fact that, granite and marble are well recognizable patterns makes them even more wanted. But they both can often be on the pricier side of things. This is what has increased the popularity of quartz worktops. Quartz, though still more expensive than other worktops, is much more affordable compared to marble and granite. This coupled with the fact that it can be manufactured to replicate marble and granite has made it highly popular. Because of this, marble granite and quartz have now become the top three choices of worktops among homeowners across the world. The fact that all three are available in abundance adds to this benefit. 

Quartz Worktops Essex is something in between a man-made and a natural worktop. Like granite and marble, quartz crystals are also found around the world. Though they are easily found, they cannot be simply mined and carved and used as worktops. Quartz crystals are much smaller in size. This is why they are mined and then they are crushed in factories. They are crushed to a fine powder form. This is then mixed with polymer or other resins. Often colour pigments are added at this stage to give it its colour. This is then heated in a vacuum under high pressure. This heat treatment makes it resistant to damage from heat. Moreover, this engineering allows for a wide variety of colours and patterns to be made possible. Because of this, quartz is often made to replicate marble and granite. Quartz worktops that are made to look like granite or marble are often indistinguishable from the real thing. It is also long-lasting and does not require as much maintenance as granite or marble. 

Quartz Worktops Essex is made using polymer resin, this means that it does not require sealing once or twice a year as the other worktops do. Marble and granite will stain easily and will fall prey to food stains if they are not sealed regularly. But this is not at all the case with Quartz worktops. Quartz worktops are made using polymer resins, which means that it is already sealed and will not absorb food stains nor will they allow for bacteria to inhabit them. These worktops are not at all porous not permeable. This means that there is no chance of any liquid seeping through the gaps and allowing for the growth of bacteria, germs, viruses, algae or mould. This is not the case with granite and marble. They are both porous and permeable by water. They are easy to stain as well as chip. This is why they need to be sealed regularly, otherwise one can end up with unsightly and ugly stains on the pristine marble and granite worktops. 

The maintenance required by marble, granite and Quartz Worktops Essex is essentially the same. All three are highly low maintenance with quartz taking the lead for requiring the least maintenance. Unlike the other two, it does not require sealing every year either. Other than that all three are very easy to clean, unlike many worktops out on the market. The worktops do not require bleaches or any other heavy solutions. They can often be simply sponged down with mild dish soap or liquid or detergent. This can then be cleaned with a damp cloth. This will effectively remove any dirt and spills from the surface and keep them from steeping and straining the surface. These worktops are much more resistant to heat. But that is not to say that one can place burning hot pots and pans on the surface. It is a part of general care for any worktop to not place hot utensils directly on the surfaces. If there is a need to place the hot utensils on the surface, it is best to use a trivet as a precaution.

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