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5 Top Tips To Extend The Life Of Event Display Stand

If you are running a business, you may be aware that there are many costs involved with it. When it comes to trade shows, every business budget needs to stretch its limit. You need to add up extra expenses of exhibition stands including furniture, extra staff and the rent of the exhibition stand. The expenditure may start to hack up when it comes to trade shows. So if you want to avoid the hassle of re-buying the roller banners or pop-up stands, you can reuse the old exhibition stand again in the future. It is a good thing actually! If you take good care of the fabric pop-up stands and keep them in well-maintained condition, the stands by exhibition booth builder uk can be used in other corporate events every year.

How to maintain the exhibition stands?  

It is not as easy as it seems. You just have to make some efforts to keep it maintained. Follow the tips so that you can reuse them again!

1. Keeping on dirt and dust 

Whenever you are using a pop-up stand, there is a high possibility that your stand’s graphics will collect some dust and dirt from the uncovered environment. This can happen too often and is a matter of concern too. So you need to keep a check on this by putting a wipe on the whole length of the stand with a wet and clean cloth, just before the packing. This will make it easier to use the stand again without much trouble. 

2. Keeping the stand protected 

If your stand gets any of the small tears or contains any of the loose thread, don’t overlook it. It may not seem a big problem to you at that time but these small touches of wear and tear can be transformed into big issues which is hard to recover. As a result, it will become tough for you to use the roller or fabric pop-up stands for the next show. As soon as you find any small signs, get them fixed to ensure that the problem doesn’t get that big which can’t be restored.

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3. Safe storage 

When the pop-up stands are not in use, it becomes your duty to store them properly in a safe place. You need to keep it away from moist places and other heavy objects. If you carefully store them in a safe place, there will be less risk of damaged graphics, rips, or grooves. This restricts the reuse of the stand and you have to replace it with a new one. When you roll graphics for storage, keep the roll with the face of the graphic outside. By doing this, the tension on the front-facing graphics will be kept and there will be no risk of creases. So pick safe storage for your stand and keep it when not in use.

4. Safe transportation 

Suppose you are planning to attend an event. How will you reach there? Transportation is the key! Along with you, having safe transportation of your exhibition stand should be your priority. If you are heading to a huge exhibition, just ensure that the transportation of the stand does not lead to any damage in between. Go with a case that reduces the risks to a high extent.

5. Don’t add anything to your stand

Pushing the additional signs or notes to the pop-up stand is not a recommended option. Never do this! If you are using any kind of sticky tape, this can cause damage to the graphics and their finishing. You will see a permanent mark in the end which can destroy the look of the Exhibition stands for sale. Nobody wants that, do you?

What to take care of stands?

If you are a business owner, a recommended tip for you is not to use the stand outdoors. This can only be done if you have ordered an outdoor banner stand to resist wind or rain. If there is no such case, try not to use the exhibition stand outdoors. Maybe you don’t know that the climate conditions can cause some added pressure on the stand mechanics which may lead to incomparable damage. If still in case you have to use the stand in outdoor locations, you can choose from a wide range of display options that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor locations. 

Such stands have fewer risks associated with damage! If you give the banner exhibition stands a bit extra care and attention, they will surely serve for longer durations. You will be able to reuse them in the future and thus can save your money on buying new ones. Nothing more, just proper cleaning and safe storage can keep them well-maintained so that it gives a brand new look for every show.

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