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10 Best Kitchen Backsplash Ideas in UK?

Decorating your house can sure be fun, especially when it comes to designing the heart of your home, the kitchen. Your kitchen is most likely going to be the most common and used room in your home which is why you must give it special emphasis in terms of design, comfort, and aesthetics. Sure you may have stocked on some of the best appliances, installed some great fittings, played with the lighting, placed an island in between, and maybe have even created just enough room for a small seating area. While we’re too busy focusing on add-ons and nailing every detail, we tend to forget or neglect our kitchen backsplash. 

Kitchen Backsplash

Choosing the right color palette is not the only thing you must consider when it comes to your backsplash. The design scheme, texture, and overall look are equally important. Here you get a chance to play with different hues, tiles, and eye-catching patterns.  Not to mention it is a great way for you to showcase your artistic side as you create a trendy design style. 

If you’re concerned about how much it may cost you, to start off we recommended creating a budget and then have your backsplash tiles purchased from a kitchen tiles sale. Fortunately, there are several tile sales in the UK that you can choose from. If you’re struggling to find your desired tiles, you can log on to Your Tiles to find the perfect match for your kitchen. 

However, if you’re looking for a source of inspiration for your backsplash, lucky for you this article has all it all. Almost every other household in the UK aspires to be trendy and chic, with these kitchen backsplash ideas we can help you accomplish just that: 

Minimalistic design 

Minimalistic design 

If you’re in a hurry, low on budget, wish to play safe with your tile selection but still ensure it looks trendy, you can always opt for a minimalistic design. Whether you are choosing neutral or bold colors, big or small tiles, the trick is to keep it simple so it looks put together with the rest of your kitchen.


Floral patterns are something that we all truly adore, what’s not to love about it anyway? If you’re looking to create a decent look, feminine vibe in your kitchen, these tiles are surely the way to go. You get to opt from antique floral to modern floral designs, depending on the one that will suit your kitchen and preferences the best. These tiles are a great way to bring a soft touch to your kitchen.

Mosaic patterned tiles

If mosaic seems a bit outdated wait till you try the mosaic patterned tiles. Not only do these tiles account for a minimalistic design but they are also super trendy and chic. We suggest playing with the colors here as you try to make it as colorful as you can, keeping your kitchen color scheme in mind. Mosaic tiles are perfect for a subtle pop of color throughout the room.


Monotone colors and patterns are a totally safe choice you can opt for and can look incredibly stylish when installed appropriately as per your kitchen space, colors, and concept. Choose from all-white and all-beige to incorporating every neutral shade. This could be a good option to go for especially if your room already has ample color and you don’t want to go too overboard with it. 

Tiles overall

When it comes to applying tiles to your kitchen, who says that you need to stop just at your floors or walls? Instead, why not focusing on adding tiles to the rest of your kitchen too? This includes your counters, shelves, backsplashes, and more. It can be part of a minimalist design depending on the kind of tiles you choose. 

Black and white tiles 

white shower curtain on stainless steel shower head

Black and white, not only is it bold and subtle at the same time, but it is also the ultimate go-to color combination that just never seems to go out of style. Adding black and white tiles as your backsplash is a great way to stay classy while being subtle and timeless. If the rest of your kitchen is black, white, or includes both these colors, then you know just what to use for your kitchen backsplash. 

Geometric tiles

Apart from colors and textures, there are other elements that you can consider and play around with with your kitchen backsplash. For instance, using tiles with different shapes not only looks funky and upbeat but can also look very cool and unique to what you would normally see. If you’re willing to unleash your artistic side, this might be it! 

Dark and bold 

If you’re tired of looking at boring old colored tiles, or happen to see neutral or all-white tiles installed in almost every other household (maybe even your own), sounds like you are looking for a pop of color. Choose some dark, bold, or bright colored tiles and play around with them to see which option will go hand in hand with your sense of style. 

Glass tiles 

Glass tiles can look very elegant and timeless in just about every kitchen. Using it as a backsplash can bring sophistication into your design while toning down the remaining look of your kitchen. Choose from the glass tile colors available and have them installed to create a gorgeous aesthetic appeal. 

Long tiles

Public lavatory room interior Free Vector

Lastly, instead of going for the standard tile shape, why not consider the long, skinny, or narrow tiles that are available. These tiles can be a pretty different addition to the rest of your kitchen, especially if you are looking for something trendy, modern, and not so basic as the usual tiles. 

The next time you opt for changing your kitchen backsplash or are looking to design it from scratch, keep these few tips and tricks in mind. We bet with these fun ideas and concepts you won’t be disappointed with the overall outlook of your kitchen. You can thank us later!

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