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Why virtual consultation is better than offline consultation

In recent times, virtual conferencing has not only developed greatly but has also found widespread application across various sectors. The healthcare sector has also witnessed the introduction of video conferencing technologies to deliver various services. Online consultations with doctors, in recent times, have become quite popular. Especially when most people are trying to avail various services remotely, this trend has grown stronger. However, a virtual consultation isn’t just a substitute for physical visits. It comes with several benefits that, in some ways, make it a better option than in-person consultations. 

How are virtual consultations better?

Multiple perks come with virtual consultations, both for the patients and the doctors. These include:

  • Automated record-keeping

Through virtual mediums, doctors can easily record relevant medical photos. Connected devices like dermoscopic and otoscopes are quite useful here. Thus, on consecutive follow-ups, doctors can quickly compare any progress or deterioration. Sophisticated apps also help to develop electronic health records with detailed medical information. All these help the doctors treat the patient better and in a more convenient manner. EHR is rapidly gaining popularity due to its efficiency in storing valuable medical records safely. The patients, too, can access digitally-stored own medical records through special portals meant for them. 

  • Ease of access

One of the key advantages of virtual doctor visits is that the patients can connect with specialists at any time. Thus, you wouldn’t have to spend time finding a reliable doctor because you do not have ongoing relations with one already. Furthermore, the best virtual clinic apps allow users to choose from thousands of doctors with various specialties easily. Digital communication also helps to work around problems that originate due to geographic locations. For instance, a patient living in a rural area away from modern medical facilities can consult reputed doctors online. 

  • Convenience

Online consultations are convenient for the doctors as well as the patients. It is especially easier for patients who have a busy life and face inconveniences in visiting a doctor in person. This is because online consultations are much faster and save the patients the hassle of traveling to the clinic. For the doctors, too, it is beneficial as they can treat more patients. In addition, online consultations are also safer for certain specialists, such as psychiatrists, when treating a patient who could potentially pose a threat. 

  • Patient education

Virtual clinics also help educate the patients on various topics, such as medical conditions, treatment methods, lifestyle habits, etc. Some of the top apps for online consultations with doctors come with a library that is rich in information. Thus, the patients can learn things that help them live healthier lives and deal with medical conditions more efficiently. They can also understand their own health and medical conditions better this way. 

  • Cost-effectiveness

Online consultations are more cost-effective, and hence, a viable option for patients with financial restrictions. They tend to cost less than in-person appointments, thus helping to save money directly. Many medical insurance companies have also started offering insurance reimbursement for telemedicine appointments. However, you might want to check the coverage carefully as insurance plans tend to be very particular about what they cover and what they do not. 

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  • Better engagement and attention

Contrary to common fears, patients do not feel that the doctors pay them less attention during online consultations. Instead, the face-to-face interactions actually help to improve the engagement between the patient and the doctor. Such communication also helps to remove distractions as both the patient and the doctor remain focused on the screens. Moreover, the doctors can quickly check out various medical reports and test results through digital means, thus delivering a more personalized experience. 

Thus, there are multiple ways in which visiting a virtual clinic is better than in-person appointments. Although tests and diagnostic processes cannot take place online, you can always book tests through apps that offer online consultations with doctors. 

Finding the right virtual clinic

Multiple virtual clinic platforms offer online consultations with doctors. You would want to look for an app that is easy to use and offers a convenient experience. Apps such as Bajaj Finserv Health are comprehensive in nature, with thousands of associated professionals, online booking for tests, health insurance, etc. 

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