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Why Serverwala’s VPS Hosting Services Best In Southafrica?

Today, VPS hosting is one of the most popular server hosting services. Because all small and large scale business in SouthAfrica wants their own personal server, so they buy VPS hosting South Africa. It will give you high speed, extra security, stability, full root control, and more. In South Africa, VPS hosting services are highly recommended. It gives freedom to choose your operating system, and security software: Linux VPS hosting SouthAfrica & Windows VPS hosting.

VPS hosting is like that when you are living in an independent flat and all resources are your kitchen, room, balcony, freeze, and more all is yours. But if you are sharing your flat with another person and he used all your resources. VPS hosting is the same as this, your resources are your nobody disturbs your space, and resources operating system, RAM, CPU, and storage is your personal. 

Types of VPS Hosting:

  • Managed VPS hosting

  • Unmanaged VPS hosting

Managed VPS hosting:

It is managed VPS hosting SouthAfrica service it means when you buy this service you buy a technical expertise team with this. Because he managed your server according to your need and assist you anytime anywhere when you have any problem with the server. all responsibility is the technical teams, he installs software and all security updates which you want. It is fully managed that’s why it is called managed VPS hosting.

Unmanaged VPS hosting:

It is just the opposite hosting of managed VPS hosting. Because In managed VPS hosting you have a technical team but in Unmanaged VPS hosting you don’t have technical support. server hosting companies provide only server space, not resources. All software installation and security updates’ responsibilities are yours. It needs Hi-Technical knowledge and it is mostly bought by Developers. 

Advantages Of VPS Hosting:

  • Accessibility
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Cheapest than Dedicated server
  • Better Security
  • Low technical knowledge  
  • Reliable Performance
  • Customization 


It will give you the freedom to your server if you want to upgrade your server and download. you can manage your server according to your analysis. You are the master of your server. 

Flexibility and Scalability:

It is the best scalable solution because it does not depend on the physical server. When you want to change your server upgrade or downgrade according to your traffic you can do it. It gives you flexibility in all features.

Cheapest than Dedicated server:

It is the cheapest because your server hosting provider divided your cost of running and maintenance.

Better Security:

In this hosting, you can’t share your resources with a neighbor. So his mistake, traffic, and fault can not affect you. That’s why your server is fully secured. 

Low technical knowledge: 

It does not need technical knowledge. Because the hosting company provides GUI, with this help you can manage or understand your server need.  

Reliable Performance:

You have full bandwidth and extra space that is not shared with another organization. Because of this, you have high speed and extra storage, and your server performance is high. 


It is highly customizable so you have many options for customization features according to your needs.

Serverwala’s VPS hosting service Benefits: 

Serverwala is the best VPS hosting provider in South Africa. It provides all server hosting services like dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, co-location, cluster hosting, and more services. Serverwala has professional server technical expertise, who managed your server and gives support 24/7. Serverwala gives you the best infrastructure for your server to maintain. If you are searching for server hosting services, Serverwala is the right option for your business website.  


VPS hosting is a perfect option for big organizations, game developers, programmers that want a secure and fast environment. It provides both operating systems VPS services Linux and Windows. That gives you flexibility on your server for analytics. When your business grows and your traffic increases 100 to 1000  rapidly and your server takes too much time to load then you should change your server in VPS hosting. Because it is the cheapest VPS Hosting and boosts your website. 

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