Which One is The Best Hospital in Multan on Google search?

If you are a resident of Multan and want to know which tertiary health care unit is one of the best hospitals in Multan then you should read this article. You may also check about this on any top Urdu news website or any Pakistan latest news channel but with this article, I am going to make your life easier. Multan is the 7th largest city of Pakistan and is located in the southern part of Punjab.

The other big city closer to Multan is Bahawalpur and hence these two cities largely cater to the population living in the region in terms of providing medical facilities. There are a number of government and best private hospitals in south Punjab which are at the service of humanity round the clock. 

The list of the best hospitals in Multan

Being the largest and busiest cities in the area, a number of best hospitals in Multan can be seen operating day and night to facilitate the patients. You would find the most competent doctors and trained paramedical staff at the service of mankind with full dedication and devotion. There are more or less 249 best hospitals in Multan and out of them all ten are listed below.

  • Multan Medical Mission Hospital
  • Punjab Hospital
  • City Hospital
  • Jinnah Hospital
  • Dr. Syeda Zahra Clinic
  • Gulgasht Hospital
  • Combined Military Hospital Multan
  • Nishtar Hospital
  • Mission Hospital Multan
  • Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital

As you make Google search to find the best hospitals in Multan. The topmost result of the search you would see will be Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital. 

The top result for the best hospital in Multan is MASH

MASH stands for Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital, it was established recently and in very little time it has become one of the most popular and one of the best private hospitals in south Punjab. It has the capacity to accommodate 300 patients at one time.  It became very popular among the ladies with its state-of-the-art gynecology department.

There was a time when women of the area, especially the ones living in the suburbs of Multan, had to suffer a lot to deliver a baby. MASH had made their life much easier by providing all the state-of-the-art medical facilities in one place. It was not only about the medical services the hospital did a great thing, and that was, it educated the people and created awareness among them that consulting a gynecologist is better for their ladies than calling a midwife for the delivery of the babies.

According to a report on one of the top Urdu news websites, there is an evident downfall in the death rate of both mothers and their babies during the birthing process since MASH is operating in the vicinity. 

At MASH everything is available under one roof with ease

Before MASH many other best hospitals in Multan were already operating and serving a large number of people over there but since MASH got established, it relieved the patients more. As MASH has construction on modern facilities and its system is very clear, transparent, and easy. It strictly follows a paperless environment to reduce the risk of any infection spread.

This policy is not only environmentally friendly but saves the patient a lot of time and hassle. For instance, the patients don’t have to carry any of their health record documents. The doctor they visit already has them in their computer systems. What a relief for patients. 

State of the art radiology department

Secondly when an expecting woman visits a gynecologist and is prescribed to get her ultrasound done. Then that expecting lady doesn’t have to rush out to some laboratory. The hospital has all the state-of-the-art radiology facilities under one roof. Be it ultrasound, MRI, CT scan, or X-rays done by well-trained and experienced technicians.

Well-trained and experienced paramedical staff

Any big hospital in the world runs successfully on the shoulders of competent paramedical staff. MASH strongly believes in it. Hence the hospital makes sure that whoever is serving as a nurse in the facility is expert and competent.

It also has established a special nursing school within the premises of the hospital and gives nursing certifications after providing them training in compliance with international practices. All of these factors could be the reasons which put MASH at first when you search for the best hospitals in Multan.

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