What learnings does Indian High School Dubai take into 2022?

What learnings does Indian High School Dubai take into 2022?

We all have been impacted in some or another way, especially students. For education and schools, it was an unending nightmare. Still, Indian High School Dubai and its faculties soldiered on, adapted to new changes, and rolled over with improved methods of teaching and learning.

2022 will be a year of adopting more advanced technology in education.

Let’s look at the lessons students and schools have learned from the year 2021 and key learning they will take into 2022!

Important lessons that Indian High School Dubai will take in 2022

Keep Learning 

Schools experienced major disruptions but students learned to have more control over their learning during the remote learning periods. So now they are ready to learn from anywhere and carry on their education without letting it get affected.

Accordingly to the Learning from Remote survey, 68% of students said that they enjoyed learning and working at their own pace.


Earlier the decision-making was done by faculties, now schools are involving students and parents in developing learning practices that are making learning open for collaboration with all stakeholders. Unity is the best way to fight over anything and so is remote learning when done in collaboration.

Delivery of knowledge is not enough

We learned delivery of knowledge is not enough. The interaction of pedagogical experts teachers, the way they engage with students makes the actual difference. Private School Dubai teachers give equal importance to every student and motivate them so that they can showcase their talents and shine. They focus on students’ well-being and make it their priority.

Be Mobile

With the help of advanced technology zoom meetings, videoconferencing and screen sharing, teachers can collaborate with other schools or teachers to provide an engaging virtual classroom experience. So now the school can carry out their process of providing knowledge and learning from anywhere.

Agility and Adaptability

Schools and students had learned a lot from their experience and then applied that learning to adapt to the new situations successfully. It is important to embrace change and adapt ourselves accordingly. Students are now more agile, adaptable, versatile, and flexible.

Indian High School Dubai now knows how to be adaptable to a new routine and virtual learning with the help of digital tools.

Need of Safety measures

Teachers and students need to feel safe when they are back at school. So schools have to design healthy learning spaces and follow strict policies and safety measures. Private School Dubai has all the facilities from emergency doctors to kits so that everyone stays safe and healthy.

Positive Mindset

Most importantly we learned to stay positive. A positive attitude and mindset had helped us to sail through the difficulties of this pandemic journey and it will also help us to through the end of the pandemic.

Teachers are the pillars

Teachers have been rock stars this year. They have made it possible and persevered learning through virtual learning and helped in keeping children safe and engaged with their studies. Indian High School Dubai has helped teachers by providing tools, technologies, and supplies to continue and make students feel comfortable and at home.

Hope for the Best and Prepare for the worst

With the global pandemic, we are now more prepared for the worst. We have the tools and technology to continue our learning and stay safer for future events.

Will 2022 be a return to ‘Normal’?

It’s too early to say if the schools will be back to normal. But there would be more new inventions in education technology such as deep machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and virtual reality and blockchain, etc.

In the next two years, 20% of higher educational institutes will be using advanced technology to streamline their process easier and error-free. There would be Free digitized teaching and learning materials and resources in order to make the learning accessible to global learners.


As the year comes to a close, we reflect on all that happened in 2020/2021. And these new changes have taught us to adapt to new ways of  learning, working, socializing, and most importantly it helped us to thrive in a pandemic

There is a need to make students future-ready with skills that can help them in a competitive world. Schools need to adopt better infrastructure and technological integration for the same.

Private School Dubai stood up with the help of technology and catered to the needs of the students. And it helped them to keep going in the pandemic and will continue to work with stakeholders to offer the same in coming years.

We wish you a happy and healthy start to the new year. Take a look with newer possibilities and innovative dimensions in learning to make the education as promising as never before.

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