Precis Writing

What is Precis Writing? How to Write a Precis?

Precis writing is the most important, as well as most difficult part of writing. Precis is the summary of any writing. It can be a research, article, or book. It contains all the necessary information of that writing. Precis does not simply mean rephrasing something. But it includes a clear objective of writing. The writer also discusses the formation of complete writing in a well-mannered structure. Covering all these things makes it difficult. That is why it’s important to practise Precis writing. Precis is the very first impression that you give to the reader. If you lack good Precis writing, it damages your image altogether. There is no need to discuss critical analysis of the writing. But many things need to be considered while writing a Precis during college years.

In Precis, there is no need to add your suggestions and detailed discussion of ideas related to writing. You have to deal with core context. When you practise writing a Precis, it is not that big deal of a to handle it. You have to keep in mind that it does not go beyond your dissertation. Precis help students in evaluating the basic points. You get to know how you can deliver your points briefly. It helps you work on your thinking power as well. There are many ways to improve Precis writing skills. You can also join different sessions for it. Also, there are many sites and lectures on the internet that are available. You can go through these sites and lectures. Also, your research advisor is there for your guidance. If you find any difficult points, go to your advisor and clarify it. Let’s discuss how to write Precis in an effective way (Bevan, 2021).

Original Writing

Before writing a Precis, make sure you have the complete article available for you. It is up to you to select the article, then select one that is completely available to you. And if you are assigned with the material, ask for the full article. If this is not possible, refrain from the writing of a Precis. If the full article is available, you can evaluate it properly. Otherwise, there are strong chances that you are going to miss something in the Precis.

Go Through Article

When the full length of the article is available to you, go through it all. Always read the article when you have plenty of time. Start reading the article with a fresh mind. Refresh your mind after specified intervals. For most people, reading is kind of a boring task. It is dry to read all the time. So to keep yourself interested, you can ensure different strategies. One of them is to design your reading time. Take pauses and walk outside your place. You can eat and drink as well. By doing so, you refresh your body, and activate your mind. Make sure you did not miss any points.

Re-Read and Make Memo

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, once you finish reading the article, refresh your mind and go back again. Again, you can start reading the article. This time critically evaluate things and make notes. Note down all important points. Note down the basic idea of writing as well as the core points of writing. These notes help you make an exact flow within your writing. If you do not note these points, there are fair chances that you will miss on something while writing the Precis. So to avoid any unpleasant happenings, make sure you have notes because one missing point can ruin your image as a writer very easily.


When you are done with re-reading and notes, it’s now time to outline your Precis. These outlines are based on your notes. Take out the core details and logical reasoning from your notes. Now ensure the structure of Precis writing. Outlines are the basic structure for any writing. It helps you make a clear idea that is going to come after and before. You can use the different templates available. If your advisor wants some particular template, go for that one. If it is up to you to select the template and still you find some problem, you can ask your advisor for help. Outlines are a necessary part of Precis writing. Point out all the outlines in an organised way.

Precis Writing

Approve the outlines from your advisor and then start writing the Precis. Follow all the guidelines of advisors related to both outlines and Precis. If there is need for an amendment within the outline, first make changes to that. After the final outline, start Precis writing. Now when you start Precis writing, you have to take great care of language. It needs to be simple. Many writers go for complexity to make their Precis unique. But it is not a good practice.

Precis needs to be simple, so that majority readers get it. As it is the summary of complete writing, it needs to be easy to understand. Readers will surely lose interest in further reading if the summary is not easy to understand. Make sure you have formatted it well. Formatting shows your professionalism in writing. It also makes the Precis eye-catching. Ensure that formatting of Precis is the same as that of original article (Hannon, 2021).

Proof-Read and Modify

Once you are done with your Precis writing, it is very important to proofread it before the submission. Find out if there is any extra detail in the Precis. If there is extra information present, then exclude that for sure. Find out mistakes in grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation. Read style guidelines and make sure you have encountered them all. Here it is also important to add the dissertation of Precis. You also have to mention details of the author and publication date at the start of Precis writing. Now there is no need to repeat details of the author again and again. But if you added any original part of the writing, then it must be cited properly.

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