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Various Methods to Add Discord Spoiler Tag on Text, Images

The discord allows the users to text their friends and other people and also sends them emojis and GIFs too. In an overcrowded server environment and when there are many messages, some may be spoilers. Discord has proven to be very good for conversing between users. 

The users must feel fortunate as Discord has figured out the solution to fix this issue which is the Discord spoiler tag. If you use this spoiler tag, you can mark or tag specific messages that could be spoilers for some people. With this, the users will have the option of selecting whether or not they want to see the spoiler. For instance, some users aren’t afraid of spoilers, so they’ll be able to click on the spoiler tag to see it. 

Let us look at the methods that could be used to add spoiler tags; there are two ways to mark spoilers on discord which are first by adding spoiler via text via a tag on discord and the second way is by sending spoiler message with mark as spoiler icon. 

By adding spoiler text via a tag on discord 

  1. The users first have to launch the discord app and then go for login using the information using the credentials of the account used earlier for creating the account. 
  2. In the next option, the users need to pick a server from the list of the server or they can also select a friend from the friend list. 
  3. Once you have selected the friend or the server and then type the text that you want to send to the selected friend to proceed for spoiler tags discord
  4. Now the users have to add the || symbol before as well as after the spoiler content; for example || this is a spoiler message||
  5. As soon as you have clicked the enter button you need to send the message and your message will be seen as spoiler content. 

By sharing a spoiler message with a mark as a spoiler icon 

  1. The users first need to type the content that they want to send to the people they want to. 
  2. Select the part of the text which is spoiler content which later on will be highlighted. 
  3. In the third option, the users have to look for a floating bar that will appear on the screen after the selection of the text and then click on the eye icon.
  4. As soon as the eye option is clicked the || symbol will appear with the text and the message will on its own be marked as a spoiler message. 
  5. Lastly, the users just need to click on the send button which will solve the question of how to do a spoiler on discord and the message will be sent as a spoiler tag. 

Adding Spoiler Tags on Android Mobile

Android users will have a little more difficulty adding spoiler tags than iOS users. But, nonetheless, it is possible to cloak your messages before sending them on Android devices. Here’s how:

Two vertical bars appear when you press the number symbol in the left-hand corner of any Android keyboard. Continue tapping if you don’t see these vertical bars. For your reference, we’re using Gboard.

  1. Two vertical bars appear when you press the number symbol in the left-hand corner of any Android keyboard. Continue tapping if you don’t see these vertical bars. For reference, we’re using Gboard.
  2. You can send a text to the chat by typing it in. Next, add two more vertical bars to it.
  3. Right below the text box, click on the send icon.

Anyone who sees your message will now need to tap it to see what it contains.

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