Top OnionPlay Alternatives and Similar Websites

Top OnionPlay Alternatives and Similar Websites

We all love games that don’t take up too much of our time and are easy to get started on. It’s why so many people love to play games on their phones. But, there are some great sites out there that let you play right in your browser. These also allow having some great games to play with minimal effort on your part. In this OnionPlay review, we’ll give you all the details about how to get started on playing these games. Also know what it costs, what kind of games you can expect to find, and how this site stacks up against other alternatives.

OnionPlay’s popularity has grown in recent years, but what if you’re not interested in its adult content? Are there any OnionPlay alternatives out there? Here are five websites that are very similar to OnionPlay in terms of the features they offer, though they are free of sexual content.


One of our favorite video game comedy channels is Watch Onion. It parodies game advertisements to shed light on some of gaming’s most popular titles. It also has an awesome comment section. So, if you’re looking for a good laugh, go ahead and read through some of its comments. You won’t be disappointed.

2) is a website that works in a similar way to OnionPlay. In fact, it’s almost identical to OnionPlay. It has a similarly basic design, but one thing that HolaMovie does have going for it is its size—it’s a lot smaller than OnionPlay, which means it’s less likely to get taken down by authorities. HolaMovie doesn’t have all of Onionplay’s movies on offer, but it has enough movies on offer so you can still find plenty of content while avoiding being hit with takedown notices from copyright holders.

3) 123Movies.HD

123Movies is a popular choice for streaming movies online, with its huge collection of high-quality options. The website works by aggregating links to video content from all over, so you can quickly find (and watch) what you want. It also has an interesting Search feature that lets you look up videos by genre. A one-month subscription costs $11.99, while a three-month plan costs $30.99; however, if you purchase 12 months of access at once for $99.99 (or buy two years’ worth at once for $149.99), you’ll save yourself some cash and get some goodies like discounts on apps and other movie sites.


Putlocker is a streaming video site with a massive selection of popular movies. The service does not host its own videos, but provides links to content hosted on other sites. These include websites as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, VK, etc. It’s not as good as OnionPlay when it comes to quality—most videos are low definition. But, it has a much larger library than any other streaming website we’ve reviewed. If you want to binge watch shows or just need some background noise while at work or school then Putlocker might be your best option.


Make an effort to visit a couple of other streaming sites that operate in a similar manner. The main difference between these sites and OnionPlay is that they have legal content, while OnionPlay does not. It is quite possible that you will find one (or more) platforms you like even better than OnionPlay, so make sure to consider them as well. Don’t worry about copyright infringement; if your chosen alternative has similar features, it is highly unlikely that there will be any legal issues or problems getting it up and running. Congratulations! You now know all there is to know about acquiring streaming services and hosting content legally and safely via OnionPlay alternatives. All that remains for you to do now is get started with your own site!

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