Invisalign speed up process

Tips to Speed up the Process of Invisalign

Do you have the confusion to choose one from traditional braces and Invisalign? Then you can opt for Invisalign because of its numerous impeccable benefits. Besides, comfort and efficacy of the aligner you can obtain straight smile in shortest time span. Don’t know how it happens? Then continue reading this blog to know how Invisalign provider in London speeds up the treatment.

Using of AcceleDent

Use of AcceleDent can speed up the process of Invisalign. This system assists the movement of teeth more seamlessly and at fast pace. So, you will switch to next tray in the set fast allowing you to finish the treatment much before of expected time. Not only the finish but you will also receive the desired outcome of beautiful and straight smile at the same time.

Without this device you can too progress the treatment at desired rate completing it on anticipated time. AcceleDent comprises of micro pulses that distribute on the teeth evenly. It stimulates blood circulation enhancing the speed for remodelling of jawbone. As a result the teeth shift at fast rate sometimes up to 50% rate.

Put on the aligner for minimum 22 hours everyday

A majority of the patients complain that Invisalign treatment consumes more time than expected. It is because of your non-compliance to the treatment. As per dentist’s recommendation you have to put it on for long 22 hours. The remaining two hours are for cleaning, brushing, drinking and eating.

Sometimes, patients even fail to put it on for recommended time each single day. This will hinder the treatment progress consuming more time than expected for delivering the desired outcome.

Brush the teeth prior to put on the aligner back into the mouth

Apart from dirty and stained teeth, cavities treatment (drilling and filling) will actually slow down the treatment. The saliva and bacteria become active for breaking down the aligner if you don’t clean it daily.

You have to clean it with the help of proper technique. Otherwise it will become less capable and more flexible to shift the teeth. After meal wash the aligner before you pop them back into the mouth.

Clean the aligners

Most patients think that they can use simple toothbrush and toothpaste for cleaning the aligner. But aligner is completely different from that of the teeth. So, use of toothpaste for cleaning it can damage the aligner entirely. Even it makes tiny scratches where bacteria can start breeding its family.

It may sound not a big deal as you are going to change the aligner within 2 weeks. But in the meantime, it has enough time to break the Invisalign material making it ineffective at all.

Opt for attachments if the dentist recommends

Since Invisalign was launched, it claims to correct minor issues only. Over time, it improves a lot addressing a myriad of moderate orthodontic issues. Sometimes you need to use attachments or buttons along aligner to speed up the process.

These will exert more pressure on each tooth to shift them to the desired position at fast pace. Consult with the orthodontist today and seek buttons to achieve straight beautiful smiles in short span of time.

Remain gentle with the aligner

Many times, in the middle of treatment you will forget to put on the aligner. Despite of being so common patients should diligent to the treatment. In fact they become so familiar to it that even they don’t feel the presence of aligner in the mouth. As a result, when they feed or drink on something sugary items it can damage the Invisalign.

Many times, patients pop out the aligner for eating. Often they wrap it in the paper towel and put into the bag. After sometime they discover it as cracked or snapped in half. Therefore you must pay additional attention to store the aligner properly when it is in no use.

Furthermore, replacement for the aligner will delay the anticipated time of the treatment at the same time. So, you must be careful with Invisalign when you accelerate the speed of treatment.

Consult with the orthodontist today

For your concern of the treatment progress you should consult with the orthodontist. Only an experienced dentist can disclose the right option to speed up the treatment process. Not only rely on the dentist’s suggestion but also you should undergo extensive dental exam.

This will help the orthodontist to determine if Invisalign is ideal for your condition or not! They will modify your lifestyle habits to make the treatment more efficient.

Due to this, often patients opt for traditional braces as they are faster than ever. To know how to speed up treatment process, request an appointment here: or call Smile Works Dental at 020 71834091 today!

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