Tips to Prepare for the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam

Tips to Prepare for the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam

Having a CompTIA A+ certification can significantly enhance your career prospects in IT. But the exam to earn the certification can be challenging for some. This article will discuss common questions like where to start, which course is the best, and tips to prepare for the certification.

There are many ways a candidate can be well prepared for the CompTIA A+ certification exam. The good news while training is that there is a ton of free resources to help you prepare for the exam. But one should choose wisely according to their requirements and not blindly take up any course.

Everything to Know about CompTIA A+ Certification and Training

CompTIA A+ certification training will test your knowledge in various topics such as security, operating systems, hardware, data, networking, hardware, and help desk services.

Getting certified with this industry-recognized certification will land you entry-level IT support jobs.

For the certification, you will need to pass two exams, namely Core 1 (220 -1101) and Core 2 (220-1102). Each exam will have 90 questions that need to be solved within 90 minutes.

The certification cost is around $232 for each exam in the US as of October 2021. Thus, it will cost you $434 to take the test.

Preparation Strategy to Earn the CompTIA A+ Certification

The preparation strategy for CompTIA A+ certification is quite simple. Pick up an offline study material or start preparing from online resources. Make flashcards, spend time making notes, and do not restrict yourself to studying from one resource. All in one CompTIA A+ certification by Mike Meyers is a popular book recommended by people who have cracked the exam.

Self-study is another great way to prepare for a certification exam but to improve your chances of better scores, try taking up paid courses designed by professionals.

There are some very informative Youtube videos and courses with links to quizzes and practice tests that you can follow. Out of many CompTIA A+ training available, the two highly recommended YouTube channels are LinusTechTips and Professor Messer. Since YouTube is free and comprehensive content is uploaded by professionals, go ahead and pick the channel you feel is the best.

Once you are done preparing, don’t sit for the exam directly—instead, attempt as many mock tests as possible. You might be surprised to see similar and sometimes the same questions in the exam. Besides, there are plenty of free tests on the internet which you can practice while you prepare.

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Domains to Focus on for Core 1 {220-1101)

  • Types of connections and networks such as Wi-Fi, SOHO, TCP/IP, etc.
  • Focus on troubleshooting, ways to repair common software and hardware, and fixing connectivity issues.
  • Learn about installing and configuring mobiles and laptops. Knowledge of setting up client-side virtualization is required.

Topics to Prepare for Core 2 {220-1102)

  • Familiarize yourself with multiple operating systems. You should know about the installation and configuration processes of Windows OS and have a good understanding of Mac OS, Linux, and mobile OS.
  • There might also be questions regarding the security of the devices and network, so do learn and understand them.
  • IT support jobs require you to resolve issues with the applications installed on PC and mobile devices. Thus, you should know how to identify and protect the devices and networks against vulnerabilities.

Techniques to Make CompTIA Training Fun

You can set up your own desktop computer. The activity can be fun and challenging, and in the process, you can gain a lot of knowledge about the hardware and software. You will also come across several terms like GPU, HOD, RAM, MOBO, and CPU that can prove helpful in the exam.

To get hands-on experience, you can also buy affordable hardware equipment such as a switch and a router, install OS or try troubleshooting software issues.

CompTIA Security+ Certification and CompTIA Security+ Exam Cost

While the A+ certification deals with general topics and validates your understanding of hardware and software, the CompTIA Security+ certification focuses more on the basics of cybersecurity. To begin a career in cybersecurity, you should be able to monitor network traffic for any security breaches, scan the network for any vulnerabilities, install software to secure sensitive information, and recommend cybersecurity solutions.

If you successfully obtain an A+ certification, it is a good idea to take up Security+ for better salaries. But, acquiring an A+ certification is not mandatory for Security+ certification. The fee to attend the Security+ certification exam is $370 in the United States, and in a few other countries, it is around $207.


CompTIA certifications are advantageous as no prior experience is required to obtain them, and showcasing them can easily land you good jobs. For example, having the CompTIA A+ certification or the Security+ certification in your resume can get you job roles like security administrator, systems administrator, cybersecurity specialist, and network administrator. Thus, try to prepare thoroughly and ace the exam using the study tips provided.

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