Tips For The Introduction And Conclusion Of A Nursing Essay

Tips For The Introduction And Conclusion Of A Nursing Essay

Essay writing assignments are assigned to students to teach them ways to comprehend the information or to get hands-on experience in reporting information in a formal way. Some essays help teach students the ways of using persuasive devices, while others help adopt a problem-solving approach. In short, even when you have mastered a particular essay writing skill, you still add new information to your knowledge bank every time when you sit to write a new essay. Nursing is an important discipline that prepares the healthcare professionals to ensure good health for all. If we talk about nursing essays, then different types of essays help nursing professionals to talk about different health-related issues. Thus, in this article, we will first define different types of nursing essays and their writing tips, with a special focus on strategies to write a perfect introduction and conclusion.

Nursing essays:

The main role of nurses is to take care of patients or to deal with patients in the absence of a doctor. Injection administration, medication, and dressing are some of the common job responsibilities of nurses. Thus, any piece of writing that discusses the responsibility of nurses, their role as health care professionals, and any strategy to implement on the patient for rapid health recovery can be the subject of a nursing essay.

For example, if the main purpose of writing an essay is to explain the right way of administering a subcutaneous injection to patients, then a descriptive type of essay will be chosen Likewise, if the aim of writing an essay is to describe a death incident of a patient suffering from severe lung infection, then a reflective essay will be the best one. Concurrently, as you switch from one aim of writing to another, the category of the essay will also be changed.

Structure of a nursing essay:

Like all other essays, nursing essays can also be written by working on four main components, namely, introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion. It is better to learn the ways of writing all these components effectively. However, at the very initial stages of learning essay writing, it is important to begin with getting full command of the components of the introduction and conclusion. The reason behind this claim is that both of these components are very important. The introduction helps grab the attention of the reader, while the conclusion aims to sum up the whole essay discussion to leave a permanent impression on the reader’s mind. In short, if by clear introduction, you make a clear picture of the main scenario, then understanding the body information will be up to 10 X easier. In the same way, a clear conclusion is essential to get the crux of a whole story.

Tips for writing the introduction of a nursing essay:

  • Start the instruction by using the keywords in the first two lines.
  • Opening sentences must be strong enough that the reader can immediately get the clues about the main nursing problem that you are going to discuss.
  • A brief description of the background of the research problem will be okay. Simply, to be specific, you do not need to give a complete history of the matter of discussion.
  • The use of statistics and figures is important so the reader can understand the severity of the issue under study.
  • A one-line statement explaining the statistics and examples quoted to depict the significance of the problem statement can also help you in being clearer.
  • Always try to conclude the introductory section of a nursing essay with a thesis statement so the rest of the essay can be organised using the thesis.

Tips for writing the conclusion of a nursing essay:

All the body paragraphs in an essay must be aligned by composing unique topic sentences to justify the main thesis statement. Similarly, each paragraph must also end with a unique conclusion. Additionally, for writing conclusion at the end of the nursing essay, you must follow some tips shared by experts working at Essay writing service uk:

  • Though the problem statement has been discussed many times till the conclusion, it will still be worth noting to start the conclusion by recalling the main claim.
  • Summarise all the key points discussed in an essay, but this time along with SEO Dubai the deduced conclusion of each.
  • Wrap up the discussion by giving advice and future perspectives in order to ensure continuity in research.

Final Thoughts:

It is almost next to impossible to write a perfect nursing essay on the first attempt. However, efforts can be made in order to improve its quality by working on its separate components. Among all components of an essay, the easiest thing to master is to learn the introduction and conclusion writing. Thus, the article has shared some tips for improving the quality of both in a single attempt.

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