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Ten things you will experience during pregnancy

What if your craving for chocolates is at 4 AM? Or what if you need to eat for 2. While there have been many myths and popular beliefs about pregnancy, it is clear that the normal state of your body will be significantly altered after this time.


  1. Your hormones are a dynamite mix

The secretion of hormones during pregnancy increases, which can hurt your physical and emotional health. One is human-chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone is made by the embryo and can be detected by all pregnancy tests. It is essential at the beginning of pregnancy because it ensures adequate production of progesterone and other hormones. It is also responsible for nausea and vomiting during the first stage. Also may interested to know how to know if your water breaks?

Estrogens, which are also created during nine months, are responsible for any changes in the mother’s body and essential for the proper growth and development of the fetus. Itchy skin or headaches are some of the most common side effects.


  1. Certain areas of your skin may become darker

One of the side effects of pregnancy hormones on the skin is the increased pigmentation in certain areas such as the linea alba and breast areolas.

It is normal, even though it may seem calm. Also, the higher hormone levels can cause spots on the chest or face, also known as chloasma or melasma. You may also experience it if you are using hormonal contraceptives.

The most important thing to remember is that these spots can get worse if you expose to the sun. They rarely disappear completely once they are visible. They can become lighter if you are careful. Expert says that sun protection cream should be used daily and you should avoid sun exposure as much as possible.


  1. Breasts can start leaking early.

Prolactin is another hormone that gradually increases during pregnancy. It is responsible for producing milk in the breasts. It ‘prepares the breasts for lactation, but other stimuli are often needed after birth to allow the milk to rise.

However, a whitish liquid is sometimes expelled by some women – which doesn’t have the same consistency as milk – from both nipples before delivery. It’s normal. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you suddenly feel calm and then you wet your shirt.


  1. You’re a mad person when it comes to the things you can and can’t take.

Expert says that most medications can be taken during pregnancy. This is because they are not capable of reaching the blood of the fetus. She warns, however, that only medications that have been prescribed by a doctor should ever be taken.

Most of the dietary precautions for pregnant women aim to prevent infection contagion. Alcohol is strictly forbidden, as even small amounts can cause changes in a baby’s development such as intellectual disability or malformations.


  1. A little bit of your memory will be lost

You don’t need to worry if you experience forgetfulness. They are common and will stop after birth. Because of changes in brain structure during pregnancy, can cause memory loss and impaired learning abilities.

The brain is very flexible and adapts to new life. The expert says that these changes are generally for the best.


  1. Although you will feel nausea, there is no reason to be ashamed of your ‘cravings.

Increased sex hormones can cause nausea in early pregnancy. The doctor says that they usually disappear by the 16th week of gestation. However, in some cases, vomiting can cause serious health problems and require hospitalization.

You will not be forgiven if your partner, family, or friends expect you to have a lot of whimsy in the early hours of the morning.


  1. You will enjoy the aromas for a longer time.

The sense of smell is similar to taste. Certain smells can make you more sensitive to them or even change your perception. You may find that smells you have never experienced are bothersome.

This issue is not addressed in any scientific studies. It could be the result of an adaptive mechanism to meet new nutritional requirements or defense from substances that could cause harm. He explained that although this theory is only a hypothesis, we don’t know enough to be certain.


  1. Your uterus’ capacity can be increased by more than 500 times

It can hold approximately 10 ml in a normal state. However, during pregnancy, it can hold up to 5 liters.

It is a thick muscle that can grow in size to accommodate the fetus. Look at the quintuplet pregnancies.


  1. You’ll have the feet, legs, and trunk of an elephant

The venous blood is unable to return to the legs due to the growth of your uterus. You retain more liquids. You can still avoid this problem by doing daily physical exercises, keeping your legs elevated while sitting, and wearing compression stockings throughout the day.


  1. Do not even consider eating for two

There is an old belief that you must eat to provide for your baby. However, this is far from reality. According to many experts, this is why many women gain more weight than necessary. This has short-term and long-term consequences for their health and the development of their childbirths.

It does indeed increase appetite. You should eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. This is also a time in your life when there are more reasons to care for yourself.

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