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Telecom System Integrator in Oman

Oman’s oil and gas industry is thriving and the need for telecom system integration in the associated sectors is increasing significantly, raising the need for the provision of end-to-end solutions for fire and gas detection systems, telecommunications systems, etc. Aesthetix is a prominent telecom system integrator in Oman and UAE that offers engineering services and turnkey solutions for all types of telecom needs including integration of multiplatform systems, extensive reliable solutions for maintenance and monitoring of pipelines, and more.

Aesthetix is a leading and trusted system integrator in Oman and UAE for the oil and gas industry catering to large-scale onshore, offshore, and pipeline communication projects. Aesthetix is recognized globally for its qualitative and extensive experience in providing a wide range of services catering to the telecom needs of the oil & gas industry including construction, logistics, design, procurement, project management, etc. Aesthetix is a widely acclaimed telecom system integrator and engineering service provider in Oman and UAE is well adept in tackling even the hardest of challenges and has the best resources to meet the telecom solution requirements of its clients, be at the local, national or international level.

Aesthetix – Safe, economic, and risk-free telecommunication solutions

Aesthetix is one of the pioneering innovators in the industry committed to devising telecom integration solutions that are safe, secure, efficient, economical, and sustainable. The well-qualified and expert team at Aesthetix is focused on providing telecom system integration services that are well tested to be risk-free, safe, and economically feasible.

Best Telecom System Integration in the Oil & Gas Sector – Oman

Aesthetix has been a formidable force in the development of telecom solutions that are safe, efficient, and provide profitable operations for its clients, for more than 10 years. Aesthetix is a world-class telecommunication solutions provider possessing global capabilities and the best industry experience specializing in offering turnkey telecom projects for the oil and gas industry in Oman and UAE.


To ensure that its customers are provided with high bandwidth that is future-ready, Aesthetix employs the characteristics of DWDM to carry SONET/SDH, IP, ATM, and Ethernet at different speeds over an optical channel.


Aesthetix clearly understands the need for the deployment of world-class SDH/ PDH systems from onshore plants and pipeline infrastructure to offshore installations, considering the variety of transmission speeds available.


Covering longer distances and geographical locations, Aesthetix efficiently utilizes its expertise in delivering custom-made solutions from simple local networks to technologies that include Frame Relay, ATM, MPLS, and X.25 for connectivity.

Structure Cabling

Aesthetix is exceptional in providing IPLMS solutions and passive elements in a robust and future-proof way.


Aesthetix provides a complete portfolio of radio solutions that includes Tetra Systems, Marine, Aeronautical, MPT 1327, and more. Aesthetix conducts in-house coverage studies and analyses the needs of the customers to provide cost-effective solutions.


Aesthetix utilizes Satellite Communication to ensure that its customers are provided with good connectivity even in the remotest of locations. Redundant communication links for important services are catered by Aesthetix based on existing Sumabrine FO infrastructure and bandwidth limitations.

PABX & Hotline

Aesthetix has a well-qualified expert team of engineers who are ready to provide the customer with any telecom needs, be it VOP, hotline functionality or analogue or hybrid switching system, and more.

CATV / Entertainment

Aesthetix has the best technical and technological capacity to deliver world-class entertainment solutions including traditional SMATV and IPTV.

Central Clock Systems

All clocks used in public transport applications are provided with a central control which is also used for synchronization of electrical systems, by Aesthetix experts. Aesthetix’s system consists of analog and digital clocks that are connected to a GPS central clock unit that is made to synchronize with electronic systems such as CCTV, Passenger Information, and Emergency Announcement.

Security & Safety, CCTV

Aesthetix has an impressive portfolio of analog/hybrid/IP CCTV portfolios intended for hazardous and safe environments that are combined with third-party integration via ONVIF and other subsystems. For analyzing the effectiveness of offered CCTV system, in-house coverage studies are offered by Aesthetix.

Access Control Systems

Human access and vehicular access are included in the best quality physical access control systems provided by Aesthetix engineers. Unparalleled technology expertise is offered by Aesthetix, be it turnstile, standard door control, or crash-rated (PAS/K12 rated) vehicular access.

Public Address General Alarm

Aesthetix Oman ensures the safety of its customer’s personnel with varied solutions ranging from complex A+B redundant systems to simple announcement systems. Aesthetix undertakes in-house coverage studies that take into account all the factors that can help identify the adequacy of the field equipment.

Aesthetix also provides specialized services like Control room solutions, Factory Acceptance test, Site acceptance tests, Design and detailed engineering, Navigational Aids, Pipeline Leak Detection, Weather Monitoring, Intercom, Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems, Clocking Systems, Security Management systems, Visual Flame Detection, for oil and gas, transportation and defence sectors.

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