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Seven Features for using android app development services

Android applications are a popular method to retain and engage customers for long-term business benefits. Many companies hire android app developers to avail technical expertise and flawless functioning of their android apps.

Though every progressive business wishes to make the best use of android app development services, many fail to get appropriate results. The lack of winning features and functionalities makes you struggle to get the desired results.

The best way to encounter this problem is by identifying the features that the user prefers on apps. Doing a competitive analysis can help you identify the must-have functionalities for your app. Android app development services can help you integrate those features to equip your apps with them.

Today we will discuss a few features that every android app should have. We are assuming that your application is to promote the products and services of your business. Let’s begin listing the must-have features for your android applications.

Must have features you need using android app development services

As said earlier, the mobile app market is a competitive field. Though the industry also determines the competition, none of the industry is untouched by it these days. Apart from meeting the industry standards, there are many other features to ease the interactions and journey of users on the android app. You should hire android app developer today if your business apps are missing the below functionalities:-

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Performance Monitoring Tools

Without a way to monitor your performance, you will never be able to determine your position and methods to overcome competition. You need to track vital performance metrics such as app speed, number of users, user flow, and search engine rankings. Though there are other factors too, these four can decide the success or downfall of your android app.

Hire android developer today to integrate performance monitoring tools so that you can improvise on the shortcomings of your apps. It can play an equally important role in identifying the strengths of the competitors and using them to uplift the performance of your applications.

Multilingual Functionality

Being a business owner, you might have plans to achieve a global presence for it. Building an app using the android app development services can be the best thing for your business. Apps help you get exposure to more than three billion users worldwide. Reaching the users is not a problem, but serving them can become a challenge.

There are more than 175 countries where you can mark presence using android applications. Never miss to include the multilingual feature by choosing to hire android developers with expertise on it. It helps the user understand what you are offering in their native languages. Once users understand what your app is offering, the chances of engagement rise by up to 80% more.

Multi-currency support

An app built for a global impact should not ignore the importance of multi-currency support. You can’t achieve a good number of conversions when users are unable to pay using the currency you offer( USD most of the time). He should be able to pay using his local currency. Users will bounce if this facility is not available in your store.

Apart from using multi-currency support, you should also offer payment gateways with multiple options. For example, having an option of consumer financing can motivate the users to make purchases. It prevents the excessive financial burden on them. If you are still wondering about adding this functionality, hire android app development services now.

Guest login

Using a guest login option on your business app or enabling the customers to log in using their social profiles can put you in an advantageous situation. The flow of the customer journey is decisive for the user’s decision to make a purchase. Users may resist using your app if it makes them fill long sign-up forms.

When users can sign in as guests, they will complete the orders without wasting time. In other words, we can say that users will complete their journey faster.

Push notifications and promo codes

Enterprises and startups from all over the globe are struggling to find ways to engage users for maximum conversions. Push notifications and promo code functionality are popular due to their effectiveness. Push notifications help the users to know the latest updates, offers, and events on your applications.

You can inform the customers about new launches and notifications almost instantly. Coupon codes motivate customers to complete the sale for some percentage or fix discounts. More options like emailers, loyalty programs, and sales help you grow the number of sales significantly.

Customer Retargeting

It is a common practice for companies to use retargeting strategies for the users of their mobile apps. When you hire android app development services, they help you to formulate a good strategy for retargeting the existing customers.
If you are dealing with eCommerce, retargeting can help you achieve more conversions from the existing users. Apps that lack customer retargeting features may suffer drawbacks while competing in competitive industries.

Optimized components for search engine visibility

If your app fails to be search engine friendly, you may lose huge organic traffic for your business. Ranking higher in the search engines provides an advantage that helps you achieve more sales than your competitors. When users find your apps for their queries, they can develop more trust while using your services.

You need to hire an android developer with enough experience with search engine-friendly designs and app structures. He will also optimize the images and content to strengthen your website for better search results. It also decreases your dependency on the pad promotions that often put a heavy financial burden on businesses.


Building an android app for your business requires significant funds and time. You can’t risk your business with underperforming applications as users reject them straight away. Hire an android app developer from a reputed company to avail of unmatched expertise for winning solutions. Ensure to do proper research before choosing any android app development services as ignoring them can cause troubles for you during the development phase.

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