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Post-Hurricane Cleanup in NY Guide

Storm and hurricane-related flooding and water damage can be disastrous. It’s crucial to know what to do in case of indoor water intrusion to limit the formation of mold. You may not be aware of various other details concerning rebuilding. These suggestions can assist you in getting your life back to normal, no matter what stage of post-hurricane cleaning you are at.

After water damage, don’t rush repairs. It does not just cost you thousands extra in unneeded repairs, improper demolition or restoration can also introduce a variety of pollutants such as mold spores, lead dust, and asbestos, into areas of your house that weren’t previously exposed to them. The first step you need to take is to get an impartial environmental examination from a business like ours. The independent inspection can safeguard your financial interests by accurately identifying what needs to be removed, what can be salvaged, and which environmental risks exist. Below are the types of post-hurricane clean-up:

Asbestos Inspection NJ

·       Foods affected by water should also be thrown out.

Ensure that any surfaces that might come into contact with floods, such as countertops, pantry shelves, pots and pans, dishes, and the interior of refrigerators, are well-cleaned and disinfected. Foods that should be refrigerated for more than two hours, such as meats, dairy products, and eggs, should be thrown away since they are no longer safe to eat.

·       Asbestos Can Be Found in Many Places

Because of its strength and resilience to heat, asbestos was long regarded as a wonder mineral and the perfect material for various uses. As a result, numerous items, such as construction materials, automobile components, ironing board covers, hair dryers, roof shingles, duct insulation, ceiling tiles, and much more, contain asbestos.

·       Asbestos is Hazardous to Your Health

Asbestos exposure can have adverse effects on individuals who are exposed to it. Breathing in asbestos fibers is the most typical route for them to enter the body. Tiny asbestos fibers inhaled might lodge in the lungs and irritate the lung tissue. Once asbestos fibers are ingested, they cannot be removed or broken down by the body. The principal illnesses brought on by asbestos exposure are mesothelioma, lung cancer, various malignancies, and asbestosis.

·       Testing for Asbestos

An asbestos survey, another name for asbestos testing, can ensure that you, your loved ones, your workers, and the people living in your buildings are protected from this silent killer. An Asbestos Inspection in NJ should be carried out if you are remodeling, renovating, repairing, destroying, or otherwise disrupting any section of a home, garage, commercial building, or industrial structure. To ascertain if asbestos is present in materials that will be disturbed, the Asbestos Inspection NJ mandates that an asbestos survey be performed before demolition or remodeling. By doing this, asbestos fibers won’t have a chance of being discharged into the air.

Lead testing services

Through comprehensive lead testing and abatement procedures, lead poisoning is entirely avoidable. To prevent getting lead poisoning, contact Exclusive Testing Labs, Inc. In Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, White Plains, and Westchester County, New York, we provide Hazardous material testing services and lead abatement solutions. Call us to learn more about our Lead Testing Services in NJ.

TYPES OF Lead testing services

  • Lead Dust Clearance Testing: To check for residues of lead in the dust, many dust samples are collected from each room in the house. Both the floor and the regions near the windows are sampled. After that, the pieces are processed in the lab.
  • X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer (XRF) – a non-invasive lead paint testing tool that can find lead paint even if it is hidden by several coats of fresh paint or wallpaper. All painted, coated, and certified professionals examine shellacked structural surfaces. In addition, all stair components and covers, including walls, baseboards, moldings, windows, doors, and trim, are evaluated.
  • Paint Chip Sampling: It could be necessary to get Hazardous physical material testing services samples depending on the surface being examined. The trained professional will take a piece containing all paint layers down to the substrate. After that, the models are processed in the lab.
  • Lead in Water Testing – Older pipes may be composed of lead metals or soldered with lead solder. Lead may contaminate your drinking water in such circumstances. A trained expert will take samples from each faucet in your house to check for dangerous lead levels. After that, the pieces are processed in the lab.
  • Lead-in Soil Testing: Old lead pipes and chipped exterior lead paint both have the potential to pollute the soil surrounding your home. In a lab, samples are collected and processed.

Mold testing services Density:

People living in your house exposed to mold may experience a wide range of adverse health impacts. For example, hay fever, asthma, irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, or lungs, and skin conditions like rashes and hives can all happen to those prone to allergies. If you are worried about any toxins or risks in your property, we can provide Asbestos Inspection in NJ, lead inspection, indoor air quality monitoring, and other services.


  • Air Sample Mold Testing: Our skilled specialists utilize an air sample instrument to check for airborne mold spores in your home’s air. We’ll set up many mold testing sites throughout your house and a control sample to get an accurate assessment. Then, we’ll submit them to our lab for analysis.
  • Surface Sample Mold Testing: We may gather visible molds and fungi from your house using direct lift samples, then submit the models to our lab for identification. We can identify the mold structure and development patterns identified using this mold testing.
  • Infrared Imaging Camera: This tool can detect temperature variations inside your home’s walls, ceilings, and subfloors. This tool can find hidden mold colonies, insulation leaks, and water damage.
  • Moisture Meter Testing: We can read the minor differences in moisture within your walls using cutting-edge technology. Among many other factors, moisture is one of the factors that cause the formation of mold. Surfaces with 18 to 20 percent moisture content develop mold
  • Mold Assessment and Site Inspection –Our team of on-site inspectors has undergone an EPA mold remediation training program. As a result, our mold inspectors can use various techniques to find potential sources of water that may be causing mold development, locate growth areas, take the necessary samples, and offer a thorough report with expert repair suggestions.

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