KeepPost – Instagram Photo & Video Downloader for Free

KeepPost – Instagram Photo & Video Downloader for Free

Wait a second. If you are an Instagram user, this is going to be something amazing that you must take notice of. KeepPost Online is a wonderful tool and that generally facilitates you to download Instagram Photo & Video for Free. Anyone can simply browse the web and download whatever photo or video on Instagram using this simple tool. As we all know, downloading media files is not an included option for Instagram because of their copyright rules. So you can never download any media file there without the support of a tool like KeepPost Online. Though there can be many similar tools in the market, make sure they too perform the way of KeepPost. It is quite simple, quick, and ideal for each person.

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Why KeepPost Online is so important?

If you still wonder why it is so important, you should recall the day that you wished if Instagram has a way to download Instagram photos and videos. So this is for it. In fact, KeepPost Online can solve your matter by letting you easily download Instagram media. This can bring together also as the best Instagram photo and video downloader for free.

KeepPost Online is an absolutely online-based tool. So that, those who are interested can simply browse and get done their requirement. It is not necessary to set aside space for another app. Anyhow, KeepPost Online Downloader accepts photographs, video clips, IGTV videos, reels videos, and any similar media file. It takes just minutes. The resolution and the quality of photos are the most considered facts of KeepPost. Therefore, users can save any media file in its true quality. However, the service of KeepPost is totally free. All it is required is being an Instagram member when you wish to download Instagram photos and videos directly.


  • KeepPost is a pretty simple application
  • It supports downloading any kind of Instagram media files such as IGTV videos, photographs, reel videos, and normal video clips
  • It is a totally free tool for everyone
  • Users can download Instagram photos and videos with one click
  • KeepPost Online is not an installable app. It is an online platform
  • Any photograph or a video can save with high-quality
  • Users do not need to create a separate account or sign up KeepPost Online tool
  • It supports any smart device and all operating systems like Android, Apple iOS, Windows, Mac OS X, and so on
  • All the web browsers including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and further can search and launch KeepPost Online Free tool
  • It automatically converts photos into JPG and videos into mp4 formats when download to a device. So the device can read the file without difficulty  

How to download Instagram photos and videos?

  • First of all, open the Instagram app by updating it to the latest version. Or use the Instagram web version
  • Go to the video clip or to the photograph that you wish to download

(It is easier to find out certain posts using hashtags. Or else, use the profile name that shared the post. Simply type the hashtag or the profile name in the searching bar and search right away. All the related results will be there. Just go to the expected post and continue)

  • Tap or click the options menu of the post and copy the post link

(The menu list of every post is shown as three dots in the top corner)

  • Just select the “copy link” option
  • Open the KeepPost website on your web browser. Simply type and search it using any web browser. If you are using the web version, just navigate to the web page using a new tab
  • Go to the KeepPost Online download bar and paste the copied link
  • And then tap the “Download Now” button which displays in blue
  • The preview of the media file will display right away
  • Just tap the “Download” button once more and confirm
  • Let KeepPost Online download the file within the next couple of minutes. Once the process is completed, you can check the media gallery or the folder and find out it  

Final words

KeepPost Online is an amazing tag. Users can launch their website by simply searching KeepPost Online on any web browser. Only the link of the certain Instagram post should copy and paste in the directed field to download any photo or video clip. The best thing is, converting media to respective formats such as JPG and mp4 is just a simple thing to KeepPost Online. It is unlimited and free all the time. 


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