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Invest in Managed Dedicated Server with Serverwala in India


Nowadays, Most Indian business owners now start exploring new technology and implementing it in their business. New technologies like a dedicated server in India are the most exciting web hosting for owners. They tend to host their websites and applications on a dedicated server. I will discuss some reasons why a dedicated server is so beneficial for your business. 

Most web hosting providers offer managed dedicated servers that provide fully managed and fully advanced services. This is the most important feature for the businessman who does not want to get into technology.

Hence, in this article, we will discuss why your managed dedicated server gets a higher ROI on your business in India. So let’s go!

Introduction to Serverwala’s Managed Dedicated Server

Serverwala Cloud Data Centre is the fastest growing and award-winning organization providing fully managed and fully upgraded dedicated servers in India. They offer a next-level managed dedicated server that ensures exclusive network uptime, great speed, and a super secured environment. 

If you are a business website owner and drive a high amount of traffic on a daily basis then managed dedicated server is the most reliable web hosting for your business.

Serverwala Cloud Data Centre is the most influential web hosting provider deals in a variety of web hosting like Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server, Cloud Hosting, and WordPress hosting. Their certified and highly experienced team assists you very efficiently. They also give ease for the different dedicated server that runs on different operating systems like Windows Dedicated Server and Linux Dedicated Server. 

Brief of Windows / Linux Dedicated Server

Any type of dedicated server that works on the Windows operating system. This operating system is a product of Microsoft that provides you highly secured environment. This operating system is best for beginners.  

This is an open-source operating system that is widely used by techie people. Most of the developers use this operating system because this is most affordable than the windows operating system. 

How to Get High ROI from Serverwala Dedicated Server?

Serverwala Cloud Data Centre is the most reliable web hosting service provided for large-scale businesses in India. They handled 1M+ client’s requests, available in more than 21+ countries in the world. Moreover, They have their own 56+ worldwide data center and they claim to offer a maximum of 100GBPS network connectivity. Hence, we discussed some exciting specifications of the Serverwala Cloud Data Centre. Now I would like to deliver some benefits of Serverwala’s dedicated server in India. 

Benefits of Serverwala Dedicated Server in India

Just look at some compelling benefits of Servrewala’s dedicated server :

High Security 

If any business takes a user’s personal data then you make sure your server is must be safe and secured. But with a dedicated server, you will get advanced security features for your user’s data.


Are you worried to scale your business with your existing web hosting then you must switch your web hosting to a dedicated server in India? This is one of the web hostings that allows you to customize your server resources. You can scale your server resources anytime when your business needs them.

Unique IP Address

The most exciting feature of Serverwala dedicated server is that with this severe you will provide a unique IP address for your severe. You can not share your spaces with any other website. With this feature, you can enhance your privacy, store unlimited storage without any restrictions.

Alternatives of Serverwala Managed Dedicated Server in India

In contrast, Serverwala offers a variety of dedicated servers in India according to their client’s needs. Here are alternatives to a managed dedicated server in India.

  • Standard Dedicated Server – If you want outstanding website performance then a standard dedicated server is for you. This dedicated server is comparatively higher in price but its features make it severe value for money.
  • Cheap Dedicated Server – This is a lower range dedicated server than the previous server. This web hosting is best for entry-level websites. They offer high-level security and the best in performance at a very cheap price.
  • Unmanaged Dedicated Server – In this dedicated server is you would allow managing your server by yourself. You can manage your server as per your business requirements.

Pricing and Packages of Serverwala Managed Dedicated Server

Serverwala offers the most affordable and best dedicated server India plans and pricing. Their pricing beats all competition in the market. Have a look at their packages and choose your dedicated server in India.

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Everyone wants to acquire a high return on investment in their business. A dedicated server in India is one of the most trustworthy and stable web hostings which gets the most compelling benefits to your business. With this web hosting, you can improve your ranking in Google SERP and attracts a potential customer to your website, and get high revenue. 

Servrewala Cloud Data Centre provides you with a fully managed and cheap dedicated server India and their highly experienced and supportive team to support you in every phase of your business. 


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