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Increase network range by wireless signal booster antennas

These days the internet is important in daily life. Without using a high-speed internet connection. We can’t perform full internet-based activities. The traditional router is not so capable to provide full range coverage. So by installing wireless signal booster antennas You can easily extend the network area of your house. In our house due to many connections with traditional routers. They may work slow or not provide the good speed of the internet. In order to complete the configuration, you can directly connect to your antenna WAN port and access the internet on your computer very easily. If you are not getting proper range coverage outside the house. Then by using the signal booster antennas you can easily extend the network area without any issues. 

In large areas such as a building, or any type of village. There may always be a chance of low network connectivity. Or slow internet connection. In such cases, you need to just install outdoor wireless antenna on your window, roof or at the top of your building. These antennas are support to work as signal repeaters or also as receivers. These advanced antennas can catch the signal from far away or up to 100ft. Without any kind of network conjunction or not compromising with the internet speed. The configuration is also too easy and manually you can do. Just keep in mind you have to point the antennas at the equal direction of the router. 

Why is my router not connected with wireless signal booster antennas?

The wireless antennas work best, If your house is big and always you are frustrate by the low range connection or unstable network. Then by using the wireless signal booster antennas can easily gain a top speed of the internet. As well as a wide range of coverage. Many times users will face some issues while connecting the antennas to the router. Or not working issues. So here we are going to fix all the issues that must be faced by the users. 

Check the POE adaptor of wireless signal booster antennas

To provide the power to the wireless antennas you need to connect an ethernet cable with the POE USb adaptor to the antenna. Properly check the adaptor is connected to the working electrical outlet and the cable is inserted properly. If the cable is attach loosely then this kind of issue can arise. In order to fix the issue. Plug out your adaptor and connect it properly with the electrical outlet. 

Install wireless signal booster antennas correctly

Be sure that your wireless antennas are install correctly. Keep notice that you are choosing an open area to mount the antenna. Or the antenna is installed in the same direction where your signal receiver is placed. You can also use the manual instructions, In Fact, the installation is easy but if you are facing any kind of issue or not confusing to choose the right direction can read the device manual carefully and follow all the steps to install.

Check your router is working or not

Even following all the given steps if you still can’t access the internet. Then you need to ensure that your wireless router is working and getting proper range from the router. Check the ethernet cable that is connected, is inserted properly and the power adapter of the router is connected properly. Please don’t forget to “TURN ON” the power button of your router. You can also fix this issue by performing a quick restart to your router. Unplug all the connected cables of your wireless router including the power adapter and plug it again after some time. 

Check router firmware is not corrupt

If still the router is not support to connect with wireless signal booster antennas. Then you must check the firmware of your wireless router. Open the admin settings, Under the device management section select the firmware option and check. If not updated or corrupted. Open the official website of your router and download the latest firmware version file and save it to the desktop.

In the next step visit the device management section of admin router settings. Then click the firmware option and then tap to “UPGRADE” a new tab will open, select your downloaded file and update the firmware. In this way, you can easily fix the issue. 

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