Importance And Types Of HGV Licences

Importance and Types of HGV Licences


Today the transportation industry is growing at a good pace. The growth of the transportation industry is increasing because of the requirements of the transportation industry in various terms and conditions. The transportation industry is needed in the movement of goods and services; heavy vehicles are used for this type of transportation-related work. Heavy vehicles are usually termed as HGVs / LGVs popularly termed as Heavy Goods Vehicles / Large Goods Vehicles. You can also go through the (Heavy Goods Vehicles) HGV licence cost to know about the budget management in terms of HGV driver training and licence.

Important factors about HGV driving

HGV driving has become important for ages and also due to the increased need for transportation of goods in the long run. HGV Driving is important because there are various types of stuff that need transportation. Even hazardous goods are also transported in these vehicles. So HGV driving needs a lot of care in transporting these types of materials. HGV driving has marked its importance not only for the transportation of goods and services but HGV driving has also gained importance in terms of providing HGV training. Many individuals rather than opting for a career choice as an HGV driver, opt for being an HGV trainer.

Now when talking about the HGV licence it has great importance when you think of driving such heavy vehicles. An HGV licence is kept to make sure that the genuine people can drive the vehicles, the predefined process is to make sure that the person gets trained properly before getting the HGV licence, and therefore a person clears the HGV driving test to ensure safe and legal driving.

On the whole, an HGV licence is kept to make sure that things happen the right way and people are safe when driving such heavy vehicles. 

Various other factors play a very important role in terms of HGV licence. Proper process designed to get the HGV licence so there are many factors that contribute towards getting the HGV licence. 

Important factors in getting the HGV licence

There is a process designed by the authorities to get the HGV licence which is listed below for your reference.

  1. A person should first check the qualifying criteria.
  2. The qualifying criteria is that the person should be 18 years old.
  3. One should already have a provisional car licence to opt for an HGV licence.
  4. Further when you qualify the initial criteria then you must go for a medical exam. That gives you a clean chit that you are medically fit for driving such heavy vehicles.
  5. Once you are done with the medical exam. You should go for proper HGV driver training from a good training school. Training consists of two modules : HGV driving theory training and HGV driving Practical Training. 
  6. When you meet the HGV driver Training criteria then you will have to give the HGV driving test. That is solely based on the HGV driver training you took. The driving test usually consists of the three modules. These are the HGV driving medical exam, the HGV driver theory test, and the HGV driver Practical test.
  7. When you clear the HGV driving test as per the requirements. You will get the HGV licence approximately in 10-15 business days after all the formalities. 

Various Types of HGV licences

There are various categories of HGV licence which are based on the type of vehicle you are choosing to drive, how much load you are opting for, and what type of load you are carrying all factors contribute towards the types of HGV licences. The major types of HGV licences are listed below. These types of licences specify the type of vehicle you can drive with any particular licence, what is the weight of the load, and what type of material you are carrying for transportation.

  • Class 2 licence /Category C licence: The category C licence is also known as the Class 2 licence. It allows you to drive vehicles over 3.5 tons but should not exceed 32 tons.
  •  Category C+E licence: This type of licence allows you to drive the vehicle with a trailer carrying not more than 7.5 tons of weight.
  •  C1 licence: In category C1 licence you can carry the weight up to 3500 Kg to 7500 Kg MAM (Maximum authorized mass) and with the trailer up to the weight of 750 kg.
  • HGV Category C1+E licence: This is the licence that requires the Category C1 licence. 
  • Category D: THis type of licence allows you to drive the Minibus vehicle which has seating of 9 to 14 passengers.
  • D+E Category: This is the type of licence that allows you to drive a minibus with 14 to 19 passengers.

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