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How You Can Choose The Finest Private Health Check

One great benefit of having a private health check is that it helps you take a full evaluation of your overall health condition and provide help where needed. There are many private health checks. Which would you go for? Choosing the right one is critical. A private health check should be comprehensive and precise. Today’s post will highlight the relevant factors for the best private health check.

Defining a health check

As the name implies, a health check involves taking a complete assessment of your health condition to pinpoint on time serious issues, including stroke, heart disease, diabetes and others. As we grow older, we are at risk of having these health problems. This is where a health check comes in. It exposes health issues early on so that treatment can take its course on time.

Many different evaluations like blood tests, CT scans, and MRIs are involved in health checks. More details on this will be discussed next.

What are those things done during a health check?

Your vital organs like lungs, kidneys, and heart need to be examined to ensure proper functioning. Breathing and exercise tests can be done on these organs at a health check. The doctor can also perform standard physical exams, including blood tests, blood pressure checks, and lifestyle evaluation as preventative health tests.

While these checks can identify benign health conditions, the issue is that they are not comprehensive enough to expose diseases at the body’s core, like in the organs or surrounding tissues. But thankfully, our diagnostic health check is thorough enough to penetrate deep into the body and spot any underlying issues.

Since there are different evaluations in a health check, what you get during your check will be your chosen option. We offer a comprehensive range of health checks at the London GP Clinic, including private MRI scan using advanced medical technology. Other health check packages we offer include:

  • Ultrasound
  • Full-body mole screen
  • Blood tests
  • Digital mammogram
  • ECGs
  • MRIs
  • CT scans

Don’t get overwhelmed by the names of these tests. Trust us to do a thorough evaluation with our team of highly trained medical experts. And you will be very comfy with our methods, plus our treatment following the outcome of your health assessment can improve your health greatly.

What is the duration of a private health screening?

In under 60 minutes, the usual private health check can be done though it comes down to a patient’s choice of assessment. Where you are to have many health evaluations, you should be looking at 6 hours to get them done.

What we do at London GP Clinic ensures you are comfortable whether it’s an hour or six your assessment will take. And, of course, every evaluation we do is comprehensive enough to provide the best results for all our patients, whether new or existing.

But some people wonder if a health check is worth it. Let’s find out next.

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Why should I get a private health check?

Early identification of health problems is one of the huge bonuses of undergoing a private health exam. There are many other numerous benefits. Many people have medical concerns but are asymptomatic (show no symptoms). But with health checks, these hidden problems can be exposed, and you get treated right away.

Getting screened can also help you change your lifestyle and improve your health. The merit of screening is that it exposes the impact of your daily habits on your health. For instance, smoking, alcohol use, dieting, and substance use. This will help you adjust your lifestyle for better health and management of chronic illnesses.

We offer tailored evaluation following your condition when you come to the London GP Clinic for a private health check. If you need a heart health assessment, we can make that our primary focus with our special heart health package.

What to look out for from a private health check

  • A reliable clinic that offers patient-centred services
  • A clinic that employs high-end modern and latest medical tech to obtain the best outcome
  • A clinic that provides bespoke health checks following the unique needs of patients; not a single option for many different needs
  • A medical team that provides several varying options for health packages or scans. The relevance of your scans determines how precise your evaluation will be
  • A medical team for experts that have years of experience and are specialists in keeping your body and health in the best condition
  • A patient-friendly clinic with the finest bedside manners – your needs should be understood and taken care of smoothly
  • A clinic that employs many different methods to evaluate your overall body condition

Reviews on private health check

So many reviews are online for private health checks, and they all have one thing in common: private health checks are expensive yet offer superb services.

With the functionality of the test done by private health checks, treatment has helped many people achieve sound health status. These checks have also prevented the loss of many lives. That people could live unaware of severe health issues is one major reason health checks are top of mind.

What is the cost of a private health check?

When you go for a health check, there are different options. Your choice of health package or scan will determine what you will pay. At London GP Clinic, our health check packages are available at varying costs. Our less expensive package can start from £1,950, and you can pay as high as £12,000 – it comes down to what you need.

But, with your specific needs in mind, we can arrange a customised health check package. The cost will be calculated following your chosen number of assessments. Need a package that fits your budget? Talk to our friendly team of medical experts, and you’ll get one.

What’s the frequency of having a private health check?

Factors like your present health condition, age and risk factors will determine the frequency of using private health scrutiny.

For those below 40 years whose health status is great, the recommendation is to get a health check as you deem fit. Where a primary health issue arises, you may proceed for a health check to be sure of what’s happening.

For those who are 40 years old, a health check is recommended every 4 years. But it works differently for different people. The older you get, the higher your risk of severe health breakdown. You must keep an eye on your health and spot underlying problems before they progress into something severe.

What should be your considerations for a private health clinic search?

Several things are of importance when deciding where to get private health services. Carry out a background check and choose a health provider that offers client-facing services. Go ahead and find out what medical tech your would-be clinic is using. A clinic that employs today’s tech would certainly offer precise test outcomes. This will give you peace of mind.

Your choice of health check provider should offer a variety of scans or health packages. By offering a range of options, you can be sure of getting a bespoke solution following your health condition.

Next is, you need a clinic you can trust. With reviews, you can know the kind of medical services the clinics on your list are offering. This will streamline your choice of a health check clinic.

Need a clinic that offers comprehensive health checks?

Welcome to London GP Clinic, where we run a comprehensive whole body health assessment – a procedure also called full-body MOT. Yes, we do this to keep your health in tip-top condition while making you comfortable.

Following your requirements for a health check, we offer bespoke health checks to meet your specific needs. This way, you don’t undergo or pay for tests you don’t feel are required. But where you are not tied down to special requirements, you can choose from our Core Cancer, Gold, Healthy Heart, or Platinum package. If you would like a consultation with a private GP clinic in London or need more information then visit London GP Clinic.

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