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How To Shortlist The Best Pre-Primary School in Pune?

Playschools play an important role in the development of toddlers. Built strategically and smartly just to facilitate children in their growth years, playschools can be critical for initial years. Often, it is advised to get the best pre-primary school for children to ensure proper enhancement but there exists scrutiny about how one can select the best Pune campus of playschool for their children.

It is significantly believed that playschools imbibe children with motor skills, decision-making skills and nurture them for a competitive world ahead. They become better at learning and grasping. But, as its importance is well pronounced, parents feel perplexed about which play school to finalize for the better future of their children.

Here is a list of carefully sorted factors one should consider before finalizing a playschool for their children-


This is the most important and expository factor. The curriculum of playschool would decide what all skills your child will learn. Factors like Do the school focus on extracurricular activities? How much are motor skills valued?

All these factors can provide parents with a picture of their child’s development in pre-primary school in Pune.


In playschool years, faculty is the paramount factor in a child’s performance. How interactive and understanding the faculty is gets reflected in student’s behavior and development. Because faculty of playschools interact directly with children, the information about faculty’s experience, expertise in training children can give you insights into the play school’s reputation.


No matter where you reside, you want your toddler to be around and that’s where the location of your chosen pre-primary school in Pune comes into play. This becomes more of a decision point if you are a working individual.

Having a playschool for children near to your residence can aid in emergencies, regular pick and drop-offs, etc.

School’s reputation

Always believe in the market reputation. Gather all the important information about the school you are considering. Talk to other parents, look into the Pune campus of the school just to be sure that everything is optimal. Check for transportation facilities, day school activities, amenities in and around campus etc.

Fee Structure

For some parents, the fee structure is a major decision point. While there are playschools with heft fee packages, some of them are also with affordable packages providing all essential amenities. One such pre-primary school in Pune is GIIS, Pune campus.

The campus has all essential amenities with a smartly designed curriculum that too in affordable fee packages.

Options available

Choosing from a list of 2-3 schools is always preferred. Make a well-researched list of pre-primary schools in Pune to finally reach the best play for your toddler. Because various playschools are having their Pune campus running functionally well and have a sound reputation. Some of them are-

  • Smart Kidz
  • Global Indian International School. (Pune Campus)
  • Leap bridge International Pre-School
  • Brainworks
  • Hello Kids

How to reach your final decision when it comes to shortlisting pre-primary school in Pune? 

When it comes to the Pune campuses of playschools, there are immense options available and hence parents get confused easily. The range of amenities, claiming to be best, associated benefits, perks for future primary schooling years, etc, all intensifies the confusion.

However, one can follow a simple flow process for reaching a firm decision. Make a list of priorities. If you have fee structure as your priority, narrow down the search to schools having friendly fee packages or if having swimming or extra activities is your priority, shape your research accordingly.

But, always keep in mind some basic and important decision points such as location, faculty experience, curriculum, etc., and then finalize a Pune campus playschool for your toddler.

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