how to save Pinterest pictures to computer

How to save Pinterest pictures to computer correctly?

If you are stuck with save Pinterest pictures to the computer this is the place for you. Here we are ready to explain how to save Pinterest pictures to computer with the proper guidance on your computer step by step. So we hope our article is a blessed one to you always.

Pinterest is the big visual discovery place to get unlimited free access to the world’s best ideas. That is the reason most people become fans of the Pinterest social media network.

Also here you can download the images, GIFs, and videos directly from Pinterest with the help of a pin downloader. This is the easiest and quickest tool for downloading media files from Pinterest. Because you can not download images, GIFs, and videos directly from its platform.

Also, Pinterest social hub does not allow only the computer but also you can use Android smart devices and iOS devices. So you can save Pinterest pictures online, videos, and GIFs by using any type the smart device.

Anyway below you can find the guidance on “how to save Pinterest pictures to computer”.

how to save Pinterest pictures to computer

How to save Pinterest pictures to computer from a free Pinterest social media network?

Downloading Pinterest pictures directly from Pinterest social media is not possible on your mobile devices or computer devices. For that, you can use the Pinterest image downloader for free to download. But save free Pinterest pictures from the Pinterest website or app directly is easy. Here you do not copy any URL links. This is the way “how to save Pinterest pictures to computer”.

Step 1:First, you go to the Pinterest app for login. If you did not create an account to log in first create it

Step 2:Search the image that you want

Step 3:Click on the image or three dots menu at the top right corner of the page

Step 4:There you select the “save image as” option

Step 5:Now you can save the image where you want on your mobile or computer platforms

How to download pictures from Pinterest to a computer?

Step 1. Go to the Pinterest social communication network

Step 2. Go to the search box  for what you wanna download images from Pinterest

Step 3. Select the image that you need to download

Step 4. Next copy the URL that you need

  1. If you are using Windows OS personal computers, Linux versions computers, or Mac types, there are three options. Select the easiest one. The first and easy method is that copy the URL from the address bar. The second option will be selecting the “share” option and can get a “copy link” button after selecting the share option. Another option is you can select the “copy link” next to the share option. And you can get the message” copy link to your clipboard share”. Now you can pick up any method to get a URL.

Step 5. After selecting your easiest copying URL method come to the Pin Downloader

Step 6.Paste the copied URL that you select on the input box which appears top of the pin downloader tool

Step 7. Click on the “download now” button

Step 8. And then you can look at the preview of the image

Step 9. Down the preview of the image, you can see the “download” button. Hit on it

Step 10. Wait for patience until it gets downloaded automatically

Step 11. If you need different sizes and qualities of the image you get them from the table 

Step 12:After downloading the image you can select the place where you want also

How to save Pinterest pictures to computer with the help of a pin downloader?

Pin downloader is one of the best Pinterest downloaders that will help you to download any kind of picture, GIF, or video. As you already know I mentioned above that Pinterest social media is not the possible place to download those media files directly to your smart devices.So that we suggest the online tool called pin downloader. There you can see three options for downloading your pictures, videos, or GIFs.

  • Pinterest video downloader – download any type of the video
  • Pinterest pictures downloader-downloading any type of the images
  • Pinterest GIF downloader-downloading any type of the GIF

Now we come to our chapter that I question above as how to save Pinterest pictures to computer. It is too easy. At the top, we mentioned the whole process to download. Now you will say” this is for downloading, then how can we save the pictures?” You are correct. Saving the pictures will automatically save to the computer after the downloading. 

So this is not hard with the pin downloader.

And also you can save the pictures via the Pinterest app but it does not give the quality to your image. That is the reason we recommend you to get the free pin downloader.

Key facts to remember about the pin downloader

  • Pin downloader is the best Pinterest downloader
  • You can use the app for downloading images/pictures, videos, or GIFs
  • The tool is free to every user
  • Pin downloader is compatible with iPhones,iPods,ipads, Windows OS computers, Linux type computers, Mac series, Android OS smart devices, and many more
  • You do not spend more time. Because the tool is a single-click tool. So here you wanna touch once on the download button
  • Pin downloader is a user-friendly tool. So you do not want to need others, you can continue as yourself
  • You do not want any technical skills to carry on this app
  • Pin downloader is not a software or app. This is only an online tool
  • Steps of downloading are too easy when you use the Pinterest downloader
  • You can save the images, GIFs, or videos. If you look at the steps of “how to save Pinterest pictures to computer” you can do the same for other media files


So I hope you will get the best idea about our article” How to save Pinterest pictures to computer. So don’t be late to try this warmest opportunity.


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