How to decor a Small Space Home Decor Ideas 2022

How To Decorate A Small Space Or A Rental?

If you have been looking to move out of your parent’s house or move into a rental space for the college. But the thought of setting up the entire space and decorating it to be your kingdom of creativity is tiring. This is the Millennial and Gen Z guide to decorating a small or rental space. Here are some rental home decor ideas that would help you create the best of a small rental space:

Organize according to your needs

One of the best pieces of advice or ideas one can share for rental home decor is to organize according to your individual needs. Internet is full of creative and beautiful ideas for decorating rental spaces. However, not every one of those ideas can be the piece to fit into your puzzle. In addition to living at home, we are now also working from home. Which just gives more time to think about what in the house needs to be organized. If you see your clothes are cluttered and messy, you should spend money. And time on laundry baskets and hanging racks.

Use a rug to space out the center of the room

Since our attention is often towards the task at hand or a screen, we often neglect the center of the room. Which however is supposed to gather attention in the first place. Furthermore, the importance of a centerpiece of the room preferably is a rug. This is underrated that it is easier to notice its absence than its presence. A rug can be placed in the center of the room in addition to the carpet to create a sense of different experience. It also helps dampen the echo and improves the acoustics of a room.

Turn your excess stuff into decoration

No genuine list of rental home decor ideas can be completed without this advice. People moving into a rental space generally feel the lack of space for storage items like books, games, etc. However, throwing them away is not feasible or sensible since it holds some attachment or emotional value. Rather it should be hung, put on walls, and displayed to accentuate its eye-pleasing value.

Prefer modular furniture

Rental spaces which are affordable generally have lesser space than anticipated for the rent paid. Hence, furniture of traditional design does not fit well or ends up taking up a majority of living space. Furthermore, furniture serving just one purpose does not turn out as a bang for the buck in the longer run. This is where Modular and Multipurpose furniture rises and shines. Modular furniture on average takes lesser space. It serves the same purpose in an enhanced manner, looks aesthetically pleasing. Not only that but also can be used in many more ways.

Spend on long-term experience

A notable mistake people often do while buying furniture for rental space is they levitate towards the lesser price to be paid. Instead of other important factors like building quality, experience, and the time they will be spending using it. Moreover, people justify these purchases by saying they will improve them in the longer run. However, when seen over a period of time this just increases the chances. Such as of wear and tear and eventual breakdown of that piece of furniture.

Be minimalistic

Rental home decor ideas are merely passive suggestions unless there is an ideology behind them. Oftentimes people tend to buy things without conscious thought and realize it when they are about to move. Such people are used to hoarding stuff by the natural thought processes and not a conscious flaw. Minimalism as an ideology provides a way out of this materialistic and hoarding rut. By definition, it is a way of living with simplicity and holding on to things that hold some value for you. And, for you, that means only keeping which either spark you joy or get some work done.

Improvise and Recycle

Ideas for rental home decor are often related to excessive materialism. And shopping spree resulting in burning a hole in the pockets. Moreover, shopping just adds to the never-ending clutter and count of things leading to even more worn-out stuff. However, what commoners often neglect is making use of the worn-out things improvising by recycling them into meaningful things. Expensive items when worn out, you can reuse after recycling. You can turn jean pockets into pen holders, makeup kits into wind chimes. And damaged monitors into mirrors and creativity go on.

Greenery inside the house with plants

Living in apartments and small spaces our touch with nature and flora has a limited set of perks. And, a balcony costs a luxury in a rented space. However, that shouldn’t limit us from having the greenery within our little spaces of creative freedom. Having plants around a workspace has scientifically increased productivity and peace. Our notion of plants requiring sunlight, water, air, and dedicated care is often incomplete when talking about an indoor plant. Certain plants like Juniper Bonsai or Citrus trees require minimal care. But they still complete the job as they act as the perfect blend of greenery within the apartment.

Tweak the lighting

Lighting happens to be one of the most underrated ideas for rental home decor. Appropriate lighting can make the room look larger or smaller than per choice and mood. Lighting should not be just limit to lighting up the space. It should also observe for a better view but you can also as a tool of expression. Standard white lighting can hurt eyes if worked under constantly. Furthermore, the lack of color and hue makes the interest vanish pretty easily. LED light strips, warm spotlights along with self-adjustable lighting for eye protection have become more affordable and in trend. This could be one of your best rental home decor ideas to dive right in and apply today!

Mirror to increase depth

Mirrors are a great way to increase the apparent depth of the room. It helps differentiate layers of things and people also helping it look multi-dimensional instead of a 2D picture. Reflections of the image through a mirror help narrow down the view and perceive it better. Moreover, light reflecting off mirrors create a sense of spacious environment which is often absent in small rental spaces. They also help create a sense of attention towards the subject while being a pleasant object in the backdrop.


Well, this was our list of best rental home decor ideas. We think you could try these on for your new apartment this season! Hope we were worth your social reading time.

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