My door is blocked how do I open it without breaking everything

how do I open door without breaking everything?

Anguish! Do you come home from a tiring day at work or a long trip and find yourself facing a front door that no longer opens? You don’t know why? Several causes can hinder its opening and closing: from heat to an attempted break-in. Rest assured, each of these problems has a suitable solution!

How to open a locked door?

It is better not to force and try to drive in the leaf because you could damage the frame, the leaf, and the lock permanently. This damage can be irreparable, forcing you to carry out rather expensive repairs. To avoid them, now discover solutions to successfully open a closed and stuck door:

·        Lift the door by opening it

During a long absence, the wood in your door may undergo various changes in temperature or climate, and swell. You do not have, and we understand you, do not want to wait for the clapper to deflate before entering your home! In this case, try lifting the door while pushing, carrying it by the handle, when trying to open the door. That way you may be clearing it enough so that the wood does not rub against the floor.

Are you at home and do you notice friction? Do not wait:

  • Take a sheet of glass,
  • Install it under your door,
  • Go back and forth with the shutter to sand the lower part of your driveway.

This way you eliminate the few millimeters rubbing on your floor and making it difficult to open your front door. This technique also works for indoor installations! If this operation is not enough, open, unhinge and plan your door with a planer.

·         Release the lock

Does the key turn more and more difficult in the keyhole? It might just be a bit seized. Get a penetrating oil, a grease-free lubricant, or call All in one Locksmith to perform this procedure. After a few minutes of patience, your installation will work again!

·        Contact your insurance (in case of break-in)

In the event of an attempted break-in, you quickly realize that something is wrong: the leaf is damaged, the door handle totters or threatens to fall, criminals have tried to pick the lock or have succeeded … In this case, file a complaint with the police and contact your insurance, which (depending on the conditions of your contract) will cover the costs of the locksmith’s intervention and the installation of the new lock.

>> To minimize the risk of break-in, install an up to mark locks. These locks make it possible to delay the opening of doors, but they are less efficient than armored doors or locks without worry.

Why does my door no longer open?

Your front door can be stuck for different reasons:

The door swelled: the wood “works”, under the effect of temperature and climate changes,

The lock is seized up dust, sawdust, wear or lack of maintenance can interfere with its operation and, ultimately, block it,

Your home has been the subject of a break-in: your door may have suffered a break-in attempt that permanently damaged the lock under the force of burglars.

Every problem has a solution! Whatever the case, the best is to limit damage and expenses as much as possible. If none of the “homemade” solutions we offer work, the best remedy is to call a professional. Specifically, equipped and experienced, they solve many problems in no time. Remember that the work of professional locksmith Odessa is meticulous work, but patience and length of time are more than strength or rage … but less than regular maintenance of your door frame!

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