Hire Shopify Developers: We Are Official Shopify Expert

Hire Shopify Developers: We Are Official Shopify Expert

Hire Shopify Developers: Our Shopify developers only specialize in Shopify and Shopify, and we are a dedicated Shopify group and have been officially recognized as Shopify Partners and Experts since 2014. As one of the most recognizable brands in the entire Shopify world, our Shopify developers are among the best in the world and often recommended by Shopify themselves.

From small tweaks to custom Shopify themes, integration, and custom app development, our Shopify developers have you covered. If you are a Shopify Plus customer, we also have a dedicated Shopify Plus development team. Whatever you need to design, our Shopify experts can do it. We can code anything in any Shopify store. Even where others fail. So contact us today and hire Shopify Developers from us.

Tech Coders Provides Clear Costing And Fast Delivery

Our Shopify developers are doing their job. On-time, on budget, with clear communication. They code all day, every day in Shopify stores, and they know exactly what they’re doing. Whatever functionality you need, we can implement it. Can we create a Shopify app that does X, Y, and Z? Yes. Can we build something into your theme that ten others couldn’t code? Yes.

At Tech Coders, we always offer clear and transparent pricing for Shopify Experts services. Our Shopify developers are available for special labor and maintenance contracts. We are not a free outside agency. We are medium to a high level with a strong focus on long-term relationships in the future. Talk to us today about your Shopify store needs and our Shopify developers will get back to you within 1 business day.

Why Our Shopify Developers Is Best For You?

We are Official Shopify Experts for Design

Our dedicated Shopify design, development, and marketing team have been with Shopify since its early days. We are officially recognized as the Shopify Experts and our team includes some of the world’s best Shopify designers, Shopify developers, Shopify Plus experts, and Shopify SEOs. Our dedicated Shopify designers know how to get the job done to the highest standards.

Clear Costing

We don’t believe in obscure prices or hidden costs for Shopify development services. So, ask us for a quote and we’ll give you a set price and a date or price range if the range is not clear. And, we publish price guides to help you evaluate the prices of our Shopify experts. So, we are not free. However, we are competitive and our experience pays off many times over. So, In the end, our projects always change for the better. Thus, some of the redesigns we have done have paid off in a matter of months thanks to increased sales.

Stable Code

Our Shopify designers and Shopify developers do wonders with code. Also, we develop creative solutions using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and Liquid and we test all major devices and browsers as much as possible. That’s why we understand the potential of Shopify store development. So, every line of code we release has been double-checked by a second Shopify developer and approved by highly trained Shopify designers who have been in the eCommerce industry for many years.

A Growth Agency

At Tech Coders, Shopify, we’ve helped some Shopify clients achieve sales level 7 in their first 12 months of trading. We are Shopify experts who are committed to developing skills to help you engage your market. Our Shopify developers are business focused and their goal is to help you increase sales and conversions.


Our Shopify developers create fully custom code for search engines, speed, and customization. We will do our best to help you win the contest. If your Shopify online store is down, please contact our Shopify developer.

Completely Responsive And Fully Tested

Our team-created Shopify websites are quickly developed for all modern devices, which is including mobile devices and tablets, enabling better communication, greater accessibility, and higher conversion rates.

What Our Shopify Developers Can Do?

Our Shopify developers can develop almost anything on Shopify. So, we pride ourselves on being able to embed any activity on any Shopify store. So, our Shopify developers typically create custom Shopify templates and themes, convert PSD to Shopify templates, make themes changes and customizations, and create custom Shopify apps via API.

What Skills Have Our Shopify Developers?

Our Shopify developers have strong skills in the following.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript & Node
  • Liquid
  • Ruby for offsite apps and scripts
  • PHP for offsite apps
  • Along with all the usual tools like Git and Theme Kit.

What Makes Our Shopify Developers Different?

Quality is what most people think sets us apart from the competition. So, we provide quality and reliable solutions that work. This is because of my great experience with the platform and my passion for e-commerce. Thus, we are also very flexible and fast, because we are a small team specializing only in Shopify, we can move fast. However, many of the large companies we work with enjoy our flexibility and speed, we are not a cheap outsourcing agency. There are many of them. Our core business is long-term customer relationships and helping people scale Shopify.

Contact Us to hire Shopify Developers, to develop your Shopify store.

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