The Battle Cats Mod Apk

Download the Latest Game The Battle Cats Mod Apk 2021

Do you like cats? If so, then you will love this one game, The Battle Cats. In the game The Battle Cats Mod APK, you will control an army of cute cats to protect the Earth. In this game, Earth is going through a crisis where it is attacked by terrorists like dog squad, hippopotamus etc. Your job is to save the Earth.

The Battle Cats Mod APK

The Battle Cats is a popular game developed by Ponos. This game is a free game that you can download on Playstore and AppStore. During the game, there are several options for you to buy items so you can strengthen your cat army in battle.

The control mechanics in The Battle Cats are very simple. In many strategy games , you are required to calculate the strength of your strategy and plan carefully. But it’s different for this game. With a cartoon style, combat is made easy as well as interesting. Of course with the advantages of easy instructions in the game.

For information, The Battle Cats is a game with the Tower Defense Game genre, where you have to defend your base by an army of cats with so many types, shapes, and adorable eccentric powers. Each cat has a different power, so you have to make the right choice before sending them into battle.

The Battle Cats apk

Many species of cats

When the terrorists move towards your base, you must be able to do time management in order to collect some money and summon your troops by clicking on the cat icon you want to choose. After that, your army of cute cats automatically appears and fends off and attacks the enemies they encounter on the way until they are defeated.

So the only thing you need to do to win is to see which type of animal will attack your base. After that, you can choose the right cat with special powers to fight the animal that becomes the enemy. Don’t worry, you also have the ultimate weapon when there are too many opponents and you don’t have enough money.

One thing that stands out from this game is the number of characters. In The Battle Cats, there are more than 300 cats with cute looks that you can choose when fighting. In each stage, you can only bring 10 different types of cat but you can still make the cat stronger by leveling up.

The maximum level that one type of cat troop can reach is when it reaches level 10. By reaching the current highest level the cat has extraordinary strength, far greater than the first level.

Features of The Battle Cats

In terms of graphics, The Battle Cats has a simple design but with an interesting style in it. This type of 2D game is considered very suitable for the style of play. The colors in this game are very bright, the animals are also designed in a style that looks quite funny and also strange.

When playing the original version of this game, you will find it difficult when you have to fight heavy enemies so that you are forced to buy items or cat food to win the battle. But this will not happen if you download the mod version. The mod version of this game features doubling the amount of XP and unlimited amount of cat food.

And again, when you use the cat food to recruit other troops, you will not be short of cat food because this mod game is designed so that you don’t have to buy items and also don’t have to bother collecting materials for a long time to fight the next enemy.

How to Download and Install The Battle Cats mod APK

If you are interested in the mod version of The Battle Cats, you can follow these steps so you don’t make the wrong installation. The reason is that the mod version of this game must be installed in a special way. If you want to install the original version, you can open the Google Play Store. But if you want to install the following mod.

  1. Make sure there is no The Battle Cats game installed on your smartphone. Both the original version and the mod version
  2. Next, look for the The Battle Cats mod APK file on Google and make sure you download the latest version so you don’t need to update.
  3. After the download is complete, open the game’s apk file
  4. Automatically The Battle Cats mod APK will be installed on your smartphone
  5. However, if the installation process stops, go to settings and give permission for installation from unknown sources
  6. The installation process is complete

That’s how to download and also install The Battle Cats Mod APK . Easy isn’t it? By installing the mod version, you don’t have to bother playing. You only need to build towers and send troops so that the enemies that come will soon be slaughtered with the best choice of cats you have.

Unfortunately this mod version is only available for android devices. As for iOS or iPhone, you have to download directly on the AppStore without any special power affixes.



The Battle Cats mod APK game is one of the interesting game choices that you can play. Having a simple gameplay, simple but unique graphics and also interesting because it displays a variety of cute and unique cats, this game can also be played on many devices that have limited specifications such as 1 GB of ram only.

However, this game unfortunately does not feature interaction between players. If there was a PvP mode, this would obviously be a unique online game that would appeal to everyone, young and old. Moreover, the relatively small size of the game will make you want to install it on your smartphone even more as a backup when the internet goes out.

It pays off with a game that will always invite laughter and action. Although indeed those who played the original version may have to experience a different style of play and also with a better attacking strategy. Not only that, if they find it difficult they also need to buy certain items.

Download The Battle Cats Mod Apk

However, for those of you who intend to use the mod version of the game, make sure you have followed the steps above then you just have to play it. For information about games and other interesting applications, visit

What are you waiting for, immediately download the game and play it anywhere. Because even though we use mods, it doesn’t mean the game loses the fun and challenges. But of course it will be more fun if all of you can play at full strength from the start. Let’s install it right away!

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