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Does Passive Voice Affect SEO Ranking?

As you all know, content writing is important for all types of different content formats in the digital marketing process, which can include article writing, blogging, email newsletters, keynote speeches, web page copy or social media posts. It involves planning, writing and editing web content mainly for the digital marketing part. Ideally, your content should be helpful for search engines as well as for humans as well. 

Importance of content writing in SEO

It’s a digital marketing myth that the writing of your content doesn’t matter much. Writing is the key to the majority of the content. The voice that you choose for your content i.e active voice vs passive voice affects the web page’s readability and SEO(Search Engine Optimization). To improve your content for SEO, you should prefer active voice over passive voice. Understanding the difference between active and passive voice not only improves your content quality but also affects your SEO. When it comes to SEO, high-quality content is important, below I have explained a few reasons why SEO is all about content writing.

1. Content allows incorporating words

Writing good quality content is an important way to use your keywords strategically. This helps you in competing with your brands in your industry.

2. Quality content fulfils users aim

A user searches anything on google search engine with the belief to find the content which they require. So, it becomes very important to fulfil the user’s requirement to improve your website or webpage’s ranking. 

3. You require the content on your website to be ranked

Google ranks text, and without writing content there’s no ranking and without any ranking, you can’t do SEO. So, content writing is directly connected to website ranking as well.

What is passive voice?

Passive voice is a grammatical construction means, In passive voice, the subject is acted on by the verb. Sentences exhibit passive voice when they don’t express their main idea directly, and it also conveys a weaker tone. 

Some examples of passive voice are:-

  • A new game will be played by us tonight
  • The house will be cleaned by me this Friday
  • The student’s questions are always answered by the teacher

Why is a passive voice not good for SEO?

Many times content writing involves direct marketing via copywriting or indirect marketing via articles and blogs, so content writing is like a marketing tool. You need to engage your customers with your writing in order to sell your products or services and an active voice can help you do just that. 

Active voice allows you to hold your reader’s attention and also allows you to further optimize your content as well. But, if you will be writing the majority of your content in a passive voice, there are high chances of your content being drawn out, lengthy to read and hard to understand. 

The majority of the time your audience visits your web page to get a quick solution or answer to their problem, and you don’t want to keep them engaged for too long without any reason. So, use active voice as much as you can in your content.

Importance of active voice


The active voice provides a straightforward, reliable delivery of content with a focus on what the company can do for their customers. The content looks direct and to the point to the customers.


Online content should be accessible to a larger audience. If you want the people to read your content, your content should be readable and easy to understand.


Most important of all, the main goal behind all the content you are writing, making your customer work either by doing business with you/your company or by sharing the content you have written. When you write with an active voice, you can be effective and captivate your readers.

Convert to active voice online

You can use an online tool or a passive voice to active voice converter, in case you want to change passive voice in your article or blogs or any other type of content. To use a passive voice checker, you can click the link and then enter the sentence to check whether it’s a passive voice or not. 

In the same way, you can use an online passive to active voice converter. There are many online tools and websites where you can help you do that. You just need to sign up on that website or you can sign in through google or yahoo.

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