Diana Jenkins Net Worth, LifeStyle & Career

Diana Jenkins Net Worth, LifeStyle & Career

Diana Jenkins Net Worth has an estimated value of $300million. After having a daughter, Sanela Diana finally engaged to Roger Jenkins, who is an employee of Barclays Bank. They welcomed a baby son. They divorced after having been together for over 10 years. There were two of them during this period. According to reports, the first time they met in the gym where they both were members.


Jenkins was part of Melissa Odabash’s group and later bought the swimwear brand. She recently launched a beverage company called Neuro Line, where she is the Chief Executive Director. Additionally, she launched D Empire Entertainment, a record label that collaborates with established and emerging artists who want to challenge the conventional wisdom of music by the use of their own ways of recording and performing as well as generating the marketing, distribution, and promotion of their songs. This is a fantastic way to increase Diana Jenkins net worth.

It was only in season 12 that Jenkins was included in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members. Jenkins has since left Sarajevo, Bosnia, and the violence that occurred in the city. Diana is a successful business mom and philanthropist as well as a refugee.

Jenkins wasn’t only an advocate for profit-driven company creation. She was the creator of a campaign to raise awareness about the issue of Human Rights abuse. Similar to the awareness program, this campaign includes prominent people to assist in the promotion of the cause. After the death of her husband in the Bosnian conflict, she founded her foundation, which is named the Iris Catic Foundation to honor the memory of her brother.

She also founded her own Sanela Diana Jenkins Human Rights initiative at the University of California, which was the first of its kind within California. State of California. She also created her own group called Jenkins-Penn, the Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization to help those affected by this devastating earthquake that struck the nation.

Jenkins’s commitment to AIDS educational efforts has recently been acknowledged by an Enduring Vision Award from the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Jenkins has also published a collection of photographs called “Room 23,” with profits going to a variety of charities named in her honor at that time, Deborah Anderson is the photographer whose work is featured in the photographs.

Early Life

Jenkins Jenkins, who then was known by the name of Sanela Dijana Catic was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia in 1973. Jenkins Jenkins was born into an ethnically diverse household that belonged to the upper class. Her dad was an economist while she was an auditor. Both parents were full-time workers. This enabled Diana to grow Diana Jenkins her net worth.

In 1992 she was an undergraduate 1992 at Sarajevo University when she was instructed to leave the country due to of the unrest that was in full on. The country was in turmoil which caused her to leave the country. Her status was an asylum seeker in Croatia before moving to London. Prior to that she lived located in London. Diana believes that she is an aunt of her husband’s deceased who was murdered at the age of 21 by soldiers belonging to the Serb nation.

She was a student at The City University of London City University for a total of two years. It was a privilege to finish all of her coursework at this school. She received top marks and was awarded an undergraduate degree in the field of economics, as well as computer science.

To recognize her outstanding academic accomplishments, Jenkins was awarded permanent citizenship. Jenkins was also recognized for the effort and time she invested in her studies.

Conciliation of Divorce

Diana believes to have agreed to an agreement worth $150 million as part of her divorce. This will allow Diana to boost her wealth. Diana Jenkins Net Worth

Then, Diana left London for Malibu, California, where she purchased a stunning property perched upon an edifice and covered with three acres. Diana switched her focus to charities and then started her own business.

Diana Jenkins Net Worth

Net Worth: $300 Million
Name Sanela Diana Jenkins
Age: 50 years old
Weight 70 KG
Profession Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
Born: Sanela Dijana Catic
Nationality Bosnian
Spouse Roger Jenkins

Sanela has awarded her the Enduring Vision Award from Elton John’s AIDS Foundation in 2012.

  • The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law has confirmed that she was one of the “World’s top three justice Innovations” in the same year.
  • Sanela was named the winner of her 2013 Isabeg Award for Patriotism.


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