Cupping Therapy: Its Benefits and Uses

On the back, stomach… Cupping is part of the arsenal of traditional Chinese medicine to relax, drain and detoxify the body. In addition, they show their effectiveness in treating tendonitis, sprains and aches.

What is Chinese cupping?

Chinese cupping has been part of the arsenal of traditional Chinese medicine for over 2000 years. They are traditionally used to stimulate blood circulation, lymph, and energy in the body.


What are the principles of a suction cup?

The suction cup, by the effect of the vacuum of air under the bell, exerts a suction of the skin and the muscle of the targeted zone to relax and relieve congestion. The blood influx on the skin’s surface at the level of the area under the bell is a normal phenomenon. “The suction cup causes the blood to rise, generally a sign of a lot of impurities; you shouldn’t worry about it, reassures the practitioner. As the sessions progress, the phenomenon will fade “.

The suction effect on the skin can be “dosed,” more or less strong, to adapt to individual needs. The suction cups can be fixed on the points of tension of the body or mobile as a massage tool on previously oiled skin.


What benefits?

The influx of blood to the suction cup’s area will drain the toxins. “The suction effect allows the circulation of blood to the place where the suction cup is placed. This localized congestion reduces pain, loosens blockages, accelerates the recovery of tired muscles and improves tissue repair, “indicates the osteopath who recommends their use in case of:

  • Back pain, lumbago, sciatica
  • Tendonitis, sprains, even old ones
  • Cramps, sports recovery
  • Stress
  • Sleeping troubles
  • Cellulite
  • Digestive disorders
  • Skin problems.


When to do cupping therapy?

The suction cup can be applied every day

  • In case of stress,” it is advisable to practice in the evening before sleeping. This helps to release all the tension in the body.
  • In case of muscle and joint pain. “The traumas of the past remain in memory in the body. This memory is not mental but often muscular. Thanks to the suction cup, it can recover almost completely and naturally. The effects are often immediate and lasting,” underlines the osteopath who recommends its use on even old
  • “In the morning on waking: if the body is tense as soon as you get up (stiff neck, difficulty bending down, and tense stomach).”
  • During the day: to relax after a stressful event or annoyance.
  • Before sleeping: beneficial to the quality of sleep. This releases the body and the tensions accumulated during the day.
  • Before physical exertion: on the muscle areas most stressed by sports practice. A relaxed muscle performs better. The effects of contraction and resistance will be optimized.
  • After an intenseand long-lasting effort to recover and reduce the appearance of aches.”


Using a suction cup: how does it work?

Each person and “each body is different. It is important to trust how it feels. Regular use allows you to learn and understand the effects on yourself, and to appreciate the benefits, says Benjamin Ileus  . as the sessions progress, the body will get used to and better support the acupressure of the suction cup. “It is then possible to accentuate the aspiration,” according to one’s feelings, without exceeding four aspirations. “On a painful area, it is better to leave it on for 5 minutes and move the suction cup to another point in the area,  rather than leave 20 minutes in the same place,” he advocates.

For a massage effect and improved blood circulation, “apply body oil to the chosen area. Place the suction cup and increase the suction slightly to move it, then slide up and down or from left to right “. The massage is recommended to fight against cellulite. The application areas are multiple, wherever the pain is felt.

  • On the stomach, about 3 cm above the navel, in case of digestive disorders, stress, sleep disorders, or skin problems.
  • On the back, neck, and trapezius, in case of tension.
  • On cellulite, to fight against cellulite and the orange peel appearance.
  • On the buttocks and thighs for recovery or sports preparation.



The suction cup action is not suitable in the following cases:

  • Heart failureor severe heart disease.
  • Suspicion of hemorrhage.
  • Open wound, recent scar or after an operation.
  • Area of ​​fracture, burn or sunburn.
  • Pregnant womanduring the first three months of pregnancy and on the belly and pelvis area throughout pregnancy.
  • Children under five years old.
  • Never put a suction cup on the navel, sex or nipples.
  • Do not apply on very sensitive skin or skin problems or varicose veins.


Where Can I Get This Treatment Done?

If you’re interested in Cupping Therapy Vienna, look for a Best spa in Reston. Every spa has something different to offer, so consider your needs and price range before deciding where to go. When you find an appropriate location, take a look at its services menu. If it offers cupping therapy, contact them directly or make an appointment on their website to get details about what treatments they offer and how much they cost.

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