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Common Issues Encountered while Driving?

Transportation and the strategies illustrated with it play a very important role when talking about the economical growth of any country. A survey illustrates that road transportation is the most important factor nowadays. 60% of goods transportation is done via road transportation and 85% of passenger traffic is on roads. So road transport is significantly contributing towards economic growth of the country. You can also check  How Much Do HGV Drivers Earn for appropriate knowledge about HGV driving.

When we talk about growth it is obvious that there are different challenges and demands when talking about different individuals. It has been seen that the owners are worried about various aspects related to the transportation industry, goods, assets, brands, customer satisfaction, et. But the question that arises is are they worried about the HGV Drivers?  

Even if the owners respect the work truck drivers do, it doesn’t mean that the HGV drivers are happy. There are a lot of problems and challenges that are faced by HGV drivers in various terms. HGV Drivers are the ones giving their more life to work and the work they are pursuing is more associated with risk because heavy vehicle driving is somewhat risky and it also depends on the type of load one is taking up. If the Loads contain hazardous materials then the HGV drivers have a heavy risk to their lives but what they get in return is slightly higher wages than other HGV drivers.

Problems Encountered by Drivers while Driving HGVs

Various problems are seen by various drivers while driving the HGVs. HGVs are referred to as heavy Goods vehicles. These are known as the commercial vehicles which are used in the transportation of various types of goods and services from one place to another. Heavy Vehicles drivers usually get into various problems when driving such large and rigid Vehicles. Some of the problems are listed below for your reference.

Sleepless Nights

There are various problems which can be caused while driving. Sleepless nights are one of the biggest problems that are encountered by HGV drivers. Due to long working hours and variable shifts as per days and nights, there are times when an HGV driver needs to work sleeplessly. This is therefore risky when driving such large vehicles sleeplessly can sometimes lead to unsafe driving as it becomes risky to drive. 

Worst Health Conditions

HGV drivers need to drive for long hours which can lead to the worst health conditions or one can say unstable health conditions. People driving for such long hours encounter fatigue, depression, anxiety, stress, etc. For this, the person first needs to go on a good diet, be hydrated all the time and also work for only the authorized hours for stabilizing things.


Driving HGVs regularly for long hours can lead to various accidents. Driving with unhealthy conditions can lead to unsafe driving and can cause various accidents. It is also estimated in a survey that 20% of accidents occur because of the worst health conditions, dangerous roads, and overloaded vehicles. It is also seen that every time the truck drivers are termed responsible for the accidents even if it is caused by the other individual. This is the myth that is followed for years. So it is clear that road safety needs clear attention.

Robbery Activities

When talking about HGV driving the major problem that is seen in terms of HGV driving is the Robbery activities. These activities occur because of the type of load HGV driver is carrying. People think that it will be all the responsibility of the HGV driver to answer the authorities. Because in many cases HGV drivers are not even trusted for this. Robbers also take advantage of the same and try to rob HGV drivers in terms of the load they are carrying and the money.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Various problems are encountered by HGV drivers while driving these large and rigid vehicles. The problems can be both natural and manmade in terms of HGV driving. Sometimes the adverse problems are created by natural conditions which are extreme weather conditions. Extreme weather conditions include various aspects. These are excess availability of light, Less availability of light, heavy rainfall, and  other weather conditions.

Inappropriate Roads

The major problem that causes problems in driving HGVs is the nasty roads. There are various parts where there are inappropriate roads for driving which can lead to major accidents. All the vehicles are affected by the same but majorly HGVs are affected more. Because these are the heavy and rigid vehicles carrying heavy and hazardous loads. You can also see through  How Much Do HGV Drivers Earn for your references to know about the basic pay scales and other amendments in the HGV career.

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