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Comcast not Receiving Emails Issue With Simple Steps

It’s one of the most famous email clients with different features like secure login, easy to send and receive mail and more other services are provided by this email provider. Unfortunately, users complain that they face comcast email issues now and then. Now let’s see, if we can fix these issues with simple steps. 

Methods to Fix these Comcast Issues

  1. Check your Internet connection:

First and foremost method to try is to check if your internet connection is stable. In case if you are using Wi-Fi, sometimes it may look like you are having good range, so it is advisable to run a speed test. If your internet connection does not work, turn on the aero plane mode and then off it. Most of the time, this simple technique can fix the error in your Comcast email. 

  1. Fix using the blocked contacts list

One of the most common mistakes that may happen to any of the users. We tend to block the existing contacts unknowingly. In this case, we will have to look at the blocked contacts in the Comcast email. You have to check this list either if you are not able to send or receive the mail.

  1. Check the spam folder in your mail:

This is the same method as the blocked contacts. We may add our contact to the spam folder accidentally. So check if there is any mail in the spam folder. 

  1. Clear all the cache and cookies

Main error while sending and receiving mail occurs when there is accumulation of cache and cookies in your browser or app, you will have an error in using your Comcast email. If you want an error free email service, then you will have to clear the cache as regularly as possible. 

  1. Have a look at your daily limit

Comcast email not working issues also occur when excess emails are sent from a single account. Every email service provider has their own daily limit to send mails, similarly Comcast email also has a daily limit to be sent. When you exceed the daily limit, then you will not be able to receive or send mail. 

Also remember that you cannot send bulk emails either leave a gap or send from different accounts. 

  1. Attachment files limit:

When you attach heavy emails more than the prescribed limit you will face an error in your Comcast account. Also, do not attach many attachments at a single time. 

  1. Ensure the recipient’s address

If there is an error in the recipient’s address, then probably your mail is not going to reach the recipient. Assure that you have entered the correct domain name for that recipient’s email address. 

  1. Update browser

When you keep accessing the outdated version of the browser, it will in turn affect the smooth running of your email address. Hence, without fail check if you are using a well updated version of your browser. 

  1. Configuring the right email settings:

Email problems can also occur when there are incorrect settings in your email account. Set both incoming and outgoing mail server settings correctly to access your account without any error. 

  1. Server issue:

Also when the Comcast server has issues, there will definitely be errors in your email. But you need not try any methods to fix it since this issue is from the server’s end. 

However, you can check if there is a server issue using websites like ‘downdetector’, ‘downformeoreveryone’ and many other websites to check are available. 

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