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Colours for Indian Wedding Dresses That Contemporary Brides

The primary focus of any wedding celebration is the outfits. It is indeed a day that marks a new beginning for the brides, but for the bridesmaids and other guests, Indian wedding dresses are very important, especially if someone very close is getting hitched. What Indian dresses to wear on which occasion, which jewellery to pair with, the shoes, bags, makeup, everything is usually pre-planned so that there is no faux-pas during the occasions.

Both the bride and groom remain excited to think and create their look throughout the various occasions and rituals. While the options for the grooms remain more or less of the same patterns, fabrics, or cuts, the brides are a way ahead in the league. The bridalwear goes through several changes, be it the outfits, their cuts, or colours, and we thoroughly enjoy the process of creating newer, fancier looks for the brides. And, no boys, you cannot beat the ladies in this regard.

The new-generation brides are in for a lot of experiments and dream of their wedding look to be one-of-a-kind and give full effort to make it successful. They try different and new colour combinations, cuts, fabrics, unconventional silhouettes, and designers too, try their best to create unique wedding dresses for their customers.

Here are Some Colours That Brides are Choosing This Season and Creating A Stir.

Ravishing Reds

Indian lehenga

Red has always been and still is one of the most popular colours of the wedding shade card of India. Not just as Indian wedding dresses, red is seen predominantly in wedding décor, gifts, a hint of red in makeup, accessories, and so on. Red is a symbol of love, passion and these are everything needed for a new conjugal life. Lehengas, Saris, and dressy Anarkali Suits in red have the power to transform any girl into a gorgeous bride just like that.

Impressive Ivory

Salwar Kameez

In recent times, as more and more brides get experimentative, we can spot several wedding attires in ivory colour. And for morning occasions, this is indeed a great choice. A pretty, white Salwar Kameez or lehenga, can you even imagine how dreamy it is gonna look? While red and ivory or blue and ivory are classic combinations, what would be eye-soothing and elegant to look at an attire in ivory and gold.

Blue is The New Red

indian sarees

It is quite strange that blue is never considered to be a colour for wedding outfits. But blues are royal and will make you fall in love with them at once. And experts believe, blues look great on warm skin undertones.

The Peachy Affair

Anarkali suits

Peach is a subtle, charming colours and is ruling our hearts for quite some time now. Traditionally you may not find a bride in peach sarees or Anarkali suits, but it’s a popular choice in terms of lehengas. Though elders might ask you not to go for a light hue. Trust us you would just look dreamy on your D-Day. Ask your partner to get a customised outfit that matches your outfit’s colour. And you can’t even imagine the complements you would garner.

Promising Pinks

Indian dresses

Just like reds, pinks too, are a popular option during the wedding season. And this is one colour that can be used with so many colours, creating a vibrant exuberance of feelings.

Vibrant Oranges


The Orange hue, alone or when paired with any other colour, can never go wrong. And this shade too complements the warm skin tone, and we aren’t kidding. Not even a little bit. Orange makes happy brides look happier and glowing.

No matter what, whatever the colour may be, brides look absolutely gorgeous on their D-Day and other rituals surrounding the big day, after all when lovers get united for a lifetime, they ought to blush and glow!

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