Invisalign Aligner Overnight

Can I put on My Invisalign Aligner Overnight?

Invisalign is virtually removable, comfortable and invisible. Most patients are driven away with its outstanding results. Yet for some patients it is daunting to remove it in public and pop them in afterwards. Many want to know if they can put on the aligner only at night while undergoing Invisalign treatment.

Well, we think it is better to give the answer through a brief discussion on this blog. Read on to know.

How Invisalign performs?

Before we jump directly whether it is possible to put the Invisalign on only at night, let’s understand how it performs. It relies on similar principles of braces exerting gentle pressure and allowing the teeth to shift to their original position.

In contrast to Invisalign, braces only differ in the timing of exerting the force. On the very beginning, dentist designs the Invisalign aligner for commencing the treatment. On your requirements, the set of aligner will make to straighten your teeth.

Each tray in the set is set to conduct specific dental movements. At every stage only a few teeth will shift. Gradually, once you finish the entire set you can notice that teeth shift their original alignment enabling you to smile confidently again.

Is it possible to put on the Invisalign aligner overnight?

Invisalign need to put on 22 hours every day. So, technically you have to wear it overnight. But dentist uses 3D model of the teeth for shifting individual tooth complementing the smile to your facial feature. Finally, you can receive a healthy and stable bite. Every tooth should move to provide the final smile which you dream for long.

Not only 22 hours wear the treatment comprises of switching to new try in the set once in every 2 weeks for finishing the treatment of the projected time period. In case you wear it only for night time its time period will drop down to 8-10 hours.

As a result, you cannot switch to the new tray fast and you need to wait for long. In the end the treatment period can consume up to 2 years or more to deliver the desirable result.

Moreover, at night the teeth cannot shift satisfactorily to deliver the much-needed result. By putting it on for long 22 hours every day you can promote the treatment to finish earlier than ever. Of course it depends on the complexity of the problem.

By wearing the Invisalign aligners only for 8-10 hours you are actually relapsing 14-16 hours allowing them to shift to their original position. Teeth are never held back and consistently shifting. With the help of aligner and Invisalign them move forward and when you remove it they move backward. This will create a problem if you put on the aligner only at night time with no significant improvement.

What’s about the nighttime aligner available online?

During ordering you can see that nighttime aligner is only for mild cosmetic issues. In some cases it even won’t work as well. Moreover any specialist or dentist doesn’t suggest or plan the treatment. As per dental experts, DIY orthodontics is not static and so someone should monitor the treatment to ensure everything is on progress.

If anyone suggests you this the person must conduct an X-ray of your mouth to determine the position of the teeth. They can also check where the teeth should shift.

As per the top dental experts, nighttime online aligner can damage the teeth and gum without supervision of the orthodontist. Sometimes it can also cause misaligned bite and tooth loss. The very least it can do is not showing any significant changes.

Regardless of efficiency and safety, any orthodontic solution consumes 6 months to fix an orthodontic problem. On another flip online nighttime aligner shows little-to-no result even in a year. Now, the choice is yours!

What are potential options if you don’t wear Invisalign aligner throughout?

There is not a single treatment that suits everyone. In case, you are not likely to put on the aligner throughout and keeping them out in public during having something then, these are some other options for you.

  • Invisible braces

Ceramic clear braces are stain-proof and durable due to use of translucent material to design it. It blends perfectly with the lightweight and thin archwires to straighten your smile. These are less visible than its metal counterparts. Once you accommodate with it you cannot notice its prominence and presence. As it bonds with the treatment there is no need to remove or replace them from time to time.

  • Limited treatment

Sometimes you have a mild misalignment case like slight crowding, and small gaps within the teeth. Then you don’t need a comprehensive Invisalign solution as there is still healthy bite. Are you worried to put on the Invisalign overnight? Luckily, limited treatment is there for your case.

As the treatment will monitor by the dentist you can rest assured outstanding results in the end. Although you need to put on the aligner for 22 hours with limited treatment yet it will finish quicker than ever.

How long you have to put on the Invisalign aligner?

As Invisalign is setting back because of putting it overnight you can worry about the same for clear retainer. If you want to know the time period of putting on the retainer every day on finishing the Invisalign treatment then ask your dentist. They make use of 3D printer to print customised clear retainer. Sometimes patients ask to use Invisalign retainer as well.

On delivering the appliance retainer instruction will be there attached to it. It clearly states how to and how long you need to use the retainer every day. According to your dental requirements you may have to put it for full-time initially. Then you need to put it as per Invisalign i.e., 20-22 hours every day.

However, you should switch to retainer at night fast as the teeth start to stabilise in the new positions. Over time, you can wear it few nights every week for maintaining the newly obtained positions of the teeth.

Key note

  • Putting on Invisalign overnight only cannot deliver the results. You need to put on the aligner 22 hours every day for the best outcome.
  • A treatment plan is meticulous for 22 hours per day to put on. Then only the pre-programmed next tray in the set can fit you properly to continue the treatment. If you cut off some time from the recommended time, then the treatment period will linger to up to 2 years from a year and half. In fact, you may not achieve the satisfactory outcome in the end as well.
  • Online ordered nighttime aligner comes with risk and is suitable only for mild cases. Due to lack of design of dentist it can take lots of time to deliver the outcome. Eventually, it can cause expensive and painful issues as well like tooth loss and biting problem. As they are out of extended period the teeth will move to and fro ending up with little-to-no change in the position actually.
  • There are other options to straighten your teeth in case you don’t want to put on Invisalign throughout the day.

Contact your dentist today

Dentists never suggest putting on the Invisalign overnight. This never means that teeth straightening treatment can’t suit your lifestyle. At Museum Dental Suites the dentist targets to make Invisalign and braces efficient, convenient and affordable for all. Schedule your consultation for Invisalign in London to know the options available for you from the dentist.

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