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Sam Brody Jenner is an American television personality and model who was raised in a small town in upstate New York. Brody Jenner is the half-brother to Burton “Burt” and Cassandra “Casey” Jenner through Caitlyn Jenner’s mar. They were raised in a household of actors, models and athletes. Brody has had many campaigns and accomplishments throughout his life, including starting his own company. He was recently named one of Forbes’ youngest billionaires.

He first gained attention as a child actor in the television series The Wonder Years (1987-1990). From 1991 to 1992, he starred as Jace Addison on the CBS show Diagnosis: Murder. In 1995, he made his professional debut as a disc jockey and model on the USA Network show Supergirl. From 1996 to 1997, he starred as Chase Stevens on the WB network series Smallville. From 1998 to 2000, he starred as Chris Masterson on the Fox network series Dallas Knight.

Personal Life

Sam Brody Jenner was born on August 21, 1983, in Los Angeles, California. He is an American television personality and actor. Jenner started his career as a child actor on the ABC family sitcom The Nanny. In 2003, he began appearing in the CBS show Master of None. Since then, he has appeared in other television shows and movies. As of 2019, he is signed to IMAX Films.

Brody Jenner’s relationship with Kaitlynn Carter began in the early 2000s when he was just starting out on his modeling career. They were both at the beginning of their careers and had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

Through their relationships, Brody and Kaitlynn managed to build a strong foundation for their future together. As time went on, they realized that they could not only be together, but have a family as well.

Despite all of their struggles, Brody and Kaitlynn are still very much in love and plan to spend the rest of their lives together. They have built up a strong relationalhip over the years and are always ready to help each other out whenever needed.

Brody Jenner met Kristin Cavallari when they both starred on ‘Laguna Beach’. The two have since become friends and have starred in a few projects together. Cavallari has revealed that she and Jenner are romantically involved, but maintain a professional relationship.


In 1991, Brody Jenner’s mother Linda Thompson remarried to composer and record producer David Foster. The relationship between the two began while they were still in their early twenties and has since grown into one of fertility and love. They have two children together- Brody Jenner Jr., who was born in 1993, and Estate Harper, who was born in 1997. They are also father and daughter-son combo. David Foster has been a big part of Brody’s life since he was young and has always been there for him when things got tough. He is truly an amazing father figure to his children and they are completely grateful for his presence in their lives.

In 2009, Brody Jenner hosted and executive produced his own reality show, Bromance, in which young people from all walks of life came together to chat and hang out. The show had a very positive impact on the community, helping to encourage diversity and inclusion. It was also highly successful, with Brody earning popular recognition for his work on the show. Brody is also a successful author and has written several books, including “Bromance: The Secret to Happiness”, “The Bromance Bible” and “The Bromance Cookbook”.

In 2007, Brody Jenner began dating Conrad, which led to the deterioration of his friendship with Pra. The two had been friends since elementary school and had developed a strong bond over their mutual love for cars and racing. However, after they started dating, the relationship rapidly deteriorated. Referring to Pra as a “ditzy girl,” Brody became angry and frustrated at her often irrational decisions and lack of understanding about life. He also began to distance himself from his friends, preferring instead to spend his time with Pra. This caused significant rift in the friendship that would ultimately lead to its destruction.

Do Kardashians still talk to Brody?

Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner are still on good terms with half-brothers Brody Jenner and Brandon Jenner. Kendall and Kylie have been close since they were kids, and they continue to be friendly today. Kendall is even apparently closer with her half-brother than she is with her father. The two share a lot in common, including their love of music and their anti-bullying beliefs.

Kyrie and Kendall Jenner are Brody Jenner’s younger sisters. They are also his stepsiblings. The siblings have not been able to keep in touch with one another since their father, Kris Jenner, died in 2016. In an interview with The New York Times, Brody said that it’s been hard to keep in touch with his younger sisters because they live so far away. He also said that he doesn’t talk to them as much as he would like because he is still semi-religious.

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