Adding a Website Exit Survey to Your Business Website

Adding a Website Exit Survey to Your Business Website

There will always be times that people will leave a website because they cannot find what they need, or just simply want to look for simpler and easier pages to navigate. They leave without taking any action within the website. And actually, as a business owner, this must alarm you as it is unhealthy for your business. Maybe there are complications within your website that you need to improve. May it be because the page is loading slowly, the web design is not that appealing, the actual website is not user-friendly, or if you have poor content. Each person has their own different reasons for leaving. And for you to use them as an opportunity to improve, incorporating a website exit survey on your page would be recommended.

Nothing is better than directly asking the customers about the reasons why they are choosing to leave the website. This is the main purpose of website exit surveys. It is a type of survey that pops up on the customers’ screen after clicking on the close tab button, before having to actually leave. This specific kind of survey includes questions that ask about the reason for leaving. And surprisingly, just with a simple questionnaire or a quick poll can help you discover the reason why your business is not getting enough sales, sign ups, or even downloads. It will help you know the “why’s” when a visitor exits your website without even buying a single thing. Given this, you will be able to get answers that will give you valuable information. These can help you with developing your next plans for your website.

Customizing the Exit Survey

You may be able to fully customize the exit survey depending on your preferences. You can include questions asking them why they have abandoned their shopping cart, how they would evaluate their entire experience the whole time they are navigating through the website, if they have found out what they were looking for, and the like. In fact, the best time to ask the customers for their feedback would be right before they leave the website. Their whole experience is still fresh so you will most likely be getting more accurate answers.

Having to ask your customers specific survey questions may help you come up with some ways to improve the user experience on your website. You might be discovering something on your site that is not performing the way it is supposed to. Remember, your website visitors are a critical part of your sales and marketing strategies, so their answers will really be valuable to you. These are only a few of the many reasons why you essentially need a website exit survey for your website. If you want to learn more, continue reading.

Find Out Why Users Leave the Page

As mentioned above, the main intent of website exit surveys would be to figure out why the visitors of your website leave the page. It will give you an idea about the reasons for this and develop strategies based on their answers. It will also help you refine your website to deliver what they are expecting and looking for. For this reason, it will eventually lead you to an increase in sales and revenue because of successful conversions.

In all honesty, getting visitors to your website is not as easy as everybody else thinks. Some business owners are actually paying for people to recognize their businesses online. All these require a huge amount of money, time and effort. So if the visitors of your website depart without even taking any action, all of the money, time, and effort you spent will be put into waste. When a customer leaves your website, you have lost an opportunity that you worked hard to gain. Given these, you must really improve your website based on how your customers like them to be. Which is why it is essential to incorporate a website exit survey on your page. This is for you to know their opinions and suggestions that you can improve upon.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Similar to finding out why they depart from your website, a benefit that website exit surveys provide your business would be the bounce rate reduction. Most people click on a website, then immediately leave without navigating more on different pages and links inside. These are called bounce rates. It represents the amount of visitors who enter your site and then closes it rather than continuing to view other pages within the same site. With higher bounce rates, it means that your business website continuously goes downhill.

As mentioned earlier, the information you will be gathering from the website exit surveys will help you figure out what needs to be enhanced, from the web development, web design, up to the content inside. When strategizing your next plans for the website, you should always look through the eyes of the visitors. Their insights are valuable. It will help you to learn and understand what is working well and what needs improvement. Taking action on their insights and suggestions will help you reduce bounce and exit rates.

Know Whether Their Needs are Met or Not

Each customer has their own expectations and needs. And when they land on your website, sometimes the reason why they exit is not because they did not find your website appealing. Rather, they might have found something that ticks their actual purpose as to why they visited your website. Their specific needs have already been met which is why they have already finished browsing. With website exit surveys, you can be able to ask for feedback on whether they have achieved their goal on your website or not. It can also help determine if a customer is satisfied with their visit or not.

Key Takeaway

Most of the visitors have high probabilities of leaving without actually converting. That is the reality of running a business. But it is still important to find the reasons why they leave. This is for you to successfully optimize and enhance your website up to the customers’ likings. Which is why a website exit survey is essential to be integrated within your site as it will give you an idea why users leave the page, improve your website to reduce bounce rate, and to know whether their needs are met or not. These surveys can help your business create a website that can deliver valuable information to the website visitors. Your website is a digital representation of your business. You must ensure that it is getting recognized by more and more audiences, while providing them a top-notch user experience.

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