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9 Real Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

When playing sports or doing a heavy workout, our body is prone to injuries. Because our muscles and bones make such movements, that can cause dislocations, strains, sprains, and the list goes on. It is crazy how we all want our favorite players to perform exceptionally well at all times in the field, despite the fact that they are highly susceptible to injuries. Luckily, they get therapy that immediately helps them recover. In fact, you may have seen the players go inside the dressing room and come with the same energy after getting injured. All credit goes to sports massage therapy that instantly helps ease the pain and inflammation that arises from a heavy workout or sports. 

What is sports massage therapy? 

A sports massage therapy is a type of massage therapy that helps patients to avoid, treat, and rehabilitate an injury. It means that one can take sports therapy as prevention to injuries as well as it is used for treatment and rehabilitation. It uses a deep tissue method to ease muscular tension and pain. Sports massage therapy helps both physically and psychologically. It means that it fixes the injury that occurs physically, while it also eases the stress on the mind. Though its name says sport, it does not mean that only athletes or sports players can avail of the massage therapy. Anyone who engages in a heavy workout can also get therapy to avoid or treat the injuries. In fact, different therapists treat multiple conditions through sports massage therapy. For example, if you get a sports massage Ashford, they will help with back pain, Sciatica, arthritis, sports injuries, and the list goes on.

Benefits of sports massage therapy:

sports massage therapy


Helps to prevent an injury: 

The sports massage, which uses deep tissue massage, helps in preventing an injury. It is a therapy in which high pressure is put on the regions that consist of soft tissues. It prevents an injury by breaking down adhesions. Adhesions are small collagen fiber that restricts movement. So, this therapy helps in increasing the movement by getting rid of stiffness. Sports therapy increases the blood flow making the muscles and bones strong and enables them to easily recover from an injury. Most sportsmen get a sports massage before a heavy workout or going onto the field to show good strength against injuries. 


Sports Massage Relaxation

The sports massage, like any other massage, helps in unwinding physical pain and achieving relaxation. The sports massage pinpoints different pressure points to help achieve relaxation. The muscular tightness and tension increase the pain, which increases the stress, that further increases pain. Sports therapy is able to immediately reduce stress by offering pain relief and relaxation.  

 Stress relief:

Where there is physical pain, there is also some potential psychological pain at the back end. For any sportsman, it is a matter of high significance to get fit and be back to his daily routine. Therefore, any treatment must address the psychological aspects of physical problems. Fortunately, sports massage offers ways to counter stress along with physical pain. The massage helps in pumping endorphins, Feel-good chemicals, that are produced in the body to cope up with stress. Since it is able to counter stress, it prominently helps in reducing the negative effects of stress. As a result, it helps in an uplifting mood. According to one research, good psychological health helps in increasing the speed of physical recovery.  

Reduced muscle soreness:

Delayed muscle soreness, also known as muscle fever, is a sore and highly painful feeling that follows a heavy workout. Many say that muscle soreness is the validation that you did a particular workout well. However, it is so painful that it becomes impossible to carry out more exercise. Sports therapy helps in reducing muscle soreness by eliminating all the contaminants from the tissues of muscles to help them repair and build strong. 

Increased circulation:

Sports massage therapy helps in the circulation of the blood to the injured or affected soft tissues. As a result, the blood that carries oxygen and other essential nutrients are transported to muscles, making them stronger. The flow of blood also helps in repairing the muscles easily. 

Reduced blood pressure:

The sports massage can potentially control stress. When you go through therapy, you feel more calm, controlled, and relaxed. As a result, the blood pressure remains under control. Therefore, the therapy can also help in controlling blood pressure. 

Better movement:

When the soft tissues of the muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons damage, you feel the pain. It contributes to the stiffness and rigidity of muscles, making them difficult to move. Sports therapy helps in relaxing and loosening the stiffness that promotes free and flexible movement. It increases the synovial fluid, also known as joint fluid, that exists between the joints to cushion the ends of bones. It helps in reducing friction as you move the bones. 

Shortens injury time: 

Without therapy, injury can recover itself naturally with some rest and medication, but it takes plenty of time. However, getting therapy instead can help you recover easily. The therapy helps in shortening the span of injury by helping you recover easily and immediately. 

Improved performance: 


Sports therapy helps in reducing the possibility of injury; it aids pain and helps in easy recovery. The benefits of sports therapy altogether help a person to be active and consistent in his regular workout. As a result, the person is able to perform well in his exercise or on the field whatsoever. It is the reason the top athletes and sportsmen have personal therapists because they do not want to compromise their performance because of an injury. 

Downsides of sports therapy: 

For the most part, sports therapy is safe. The only downside of the therapy is stiffness for one to two days. It can also cause irritations and allergies if a particular oil does not suit a skin type. Otherwise, sports therapy is far a better option than many medications to treat soreness and pain. 

Bottom Line: 

Sports massage therapy is a safe treatment and prevention technique that helps with injuries that occur due to workouts or sports. Sports therapy helps in treating many injuries and providing physical and mental relief to boost performance. 

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