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9 Gifts That Will Help You  Say ‘I Love You ‘ To Your Wife

There are a million ways to say the three magical words “I love you” with gifts to the love of your life. Your life partner, your wife longs for you to express your love.  But why just says these words when you can prove them with sweet gifts and lovable gestures. Here are a few unique gifts that will help you confess how madly you are in love with your better half. Let her know how lovesick you are.

24-hour gift hamper

The glow of happiness can be enhanced by quality skincare. Gift your wife an expert skincare regime in a basket sold under the labels of ’24 hour gift hamper’. This basket comes with products to pamper all skin types around the clock. Just like online cake delivery, you can order this gift basket from trustable web stores.

Open when cards

A single card is not enough for the love of your life. Open when cards come in the set. It has a bunch of beautiful small cards with exceptional messages on each one. They can make your wife’s day with titles like ‘open when you want to laugh ‘, ‘open if you are sad’, ‘open if you are missing someone. The unique message of the cards makes their incredible gifts.

Infinity love Statement necklace

Love for eternity can’t be expressed through gestures or commodities. It is in poetic words ‘unfathomable’. However meaningful gestures are important to keep the spark alive. Give a ravishing infinity love statement necklace to your wife for being there for you through his and downs, highs and lows.

A romantic gesture of naming a star

Frame a star! All the cliched but romantic talks of plucking the moon and the area for the sake of your beloved are bygones. Instead of hyperbolic expression do what you can. Name a star after your inspiration, your wife. This could be her ultimate surprise for the decade.

Trip to an exotic location

Feed the wanderlust nature of your wide by giving tickets to an small trip. some exotic location. You both can go hiking, chill on the beach or go explore less travelled destinations. Getting away somewhere peaceful away from the hustle and bustle of city life will do you good.

Sensual velvet slit dress gown

Slit dresses are in trend. They look elegant on women and are comfortable with velvety soft fabric.  Amaze your wife with your choice of a sensual velvet slit gown perfect for romantic date nights or anniversary celebrations. The dress will complement the well-maintained physique of your wide and fill her with confidence to show off her gorgeous self.

Personalised couple’s jewellery

Personalised couples’ jewellery like bracelets and rings etched with names are nice gift-worthy items. Having one each can be a constant reminder of the bond you share. Plus trendy design, attractive look and lightweight make this jewellery comfortable for regular wear.

100 reasons I love you romantic love messages

Books for couples featuring 100 love messages, one for each day is a romantic gift. A day-long confession if love is not enough.  Let the declaration of your love surpass all limits.  This can be bought online along with a box of chocolate to complete the adorable package.

Garden Fresh Flowers and designer cake

Imagine a regular evening where you and your wife are busy either in some work or casually enjoying leisure on the couch and just then the doorbell rings. The moment your wife answers the door she is wonderstruck by the sweet surprise of a designer cake and fragment bouquet.  Online cake store and online florists will help you turn this dream-like magic moment into reality. You need not worry about the size a d texture as long as you make sure there is no compromise with the taste. A simple heart-shaped red velvet cake can be enough for both of you.

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