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8 Web Design Changes That Increase Your Website Visitors

Website is the actual driver of your business. If it is old, outdated, and inconvenient, people might start to move away from it—That’s why you need to make web design changes every now and then to increase your website, visitors. 

This guide will tell you a few things you can do to make web design changes. These changes will help you to improve your ranking on the search engine. However, it will also allow you to measure marketing methods. By implementing the tips, you can increase your website visitors in no time. 

However, you’ll quickly discover a plethora of strategies and viewpoints available when looking into how to increase traffic to your website. How do you even start?

You need to concentrate on attracting quality website traffic if you want to know how to increase visitors to your website the right way. Traffic is useless if your engagement is sluggish and your conversion rates are declining. In response, we are here. The methods listed below are some of the best for increasing website traffic in a way that will have a positive effect on your business’s bottom line and boost online sales.

8 Web Design Changes That Increase Your Website Visitors

1- Optimize your website for search

The first web design change you need to make is you need to optimize it. When starting, Look for keywords that best describe your niche to use as the foundation for your blog posts and store pages. Usually, you’ll decide to concentrate on one or two key phrases per webpage. To find relevant keywords, you can use SEO tools like Keywords Everywhere.

According to a bespoke web design agency, start by concentrating on keywords with less than 10,000 monthly searches. When you’ve spent a few months writing blog posts and perfecting your product pages, you can concentrate on pursuing keywords with higher search volume.

The secret to increasing website traffic is first laying a solid foundation of pertinent keywords. Utilize your online store’s blog to its fullest potential, as this can help your website receive the most organic traffic.

2- Create Landing Pages To Drive Leads and Sales

Using landing pages is a free way to enhance your website and increase traffic. Landing pages typically contain the details prospective customers need to continue and convert. If you want to drive more traffic to those pages, feel free to be more targeted and precise in your messaging. And make sure each page has a compelling call to action (CTA) that inspires readers to take the following action. This could be anything from requesting an estimate or signing up for a newsletter to participating in a free trial.

3- Experiment with content freshness

The next web design change to increase your website visitors is to provide content with freshness. One SEO trick people use to increase website traffic is keeping your content fresh. It’s essentially just a quick update to outdated website content. To keep your content current, you must remove out-of-date content from your website and add new sections.

Using a product review app like Stamped.io’s Product Review Addon is an easy way to maintain the freshness of the content on product pages. This enables customers to post reviews on your product page, informing Google that the page is regularly updated with new information. The most frequent customer feedback can be turned into a sentence in your description to keep your product pages “fresh.”

4- White space:

Whitespace is a crucial design component that aids page breakup and improves readability. White space, also known as “negative space,” describes the spaces around elements on a page that are empty and devoid of text or visual elements.

The design process and website elements’ placement heavily rely on whitespace. Less whitespace can specify which elements are supposed to be related to one another due to their proximity. In contrast, more whitespace can determine what sections are separate and direct the eye.

5- Build out your backlinks

Link Building as another website if you want to increase your website, visitors. When another website links to yours, Google is informed that your site is reliable and pertinent to the keywords in the anchor text (the clickable words).

Backlinks have the potential to increase traffic to your store independently of SEO. Visitors may click through to yours to look around and, ideally, make a purchase on those sites.

6- Target Long-Tail Keywords Organically In Your SEO Campaign:

You must include backlinks as another crucial SEO element if you want to increase the number of people who visit your website. When another website links to yours, Google is informed that your site is reliable and pertinent to the keywords in the anchor text (the clickable words).

7- Removing Distractions From The Website

When changing a website’s design in a way that adds value, you should take certain factors into account. You should consider things like complex animations, lengthy content, and stock website images when designing the website. Eliminating the website’s distractions will encourage visitors to stay and make it more practical.

You only have eight seconds to grab the audience’s attention and convince them that whatever they see on the website is exactly why they came! Doing this guarantees that you have the web design advice to work with.

8- Adding Social Proof

So, if you still have questions, how to increase your website visitors? Then you must make some web design changes and maybe add a wall for some social proof. 

Users begin looking for social proof that increases their trust in your website five seconds after landing on it. You always read reviews and customer testimonials if you shop like most people.

If the response is unfavorable, you will seek assistance from someone else. Websites are subject to the same rules. You need to develop a proper website strategy for selling services or goods because failing to do so will cause you to miss many opportunities.


Website is now a more potent tool than ever in today’s marketing environment. Your website serves as a constant salesperson and, as such, has the potential to be both your most valuable asset and the focus of your marketing initiatives.

Your website may appear dated and out-of-date due to the quickly evolving nature of the digital landscape. While occasionally, a change in web design can be ideal. That’s why update your web design, or you can hire a bespoke website design agency!

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