A Friendly Reminder of Ways to avoid Depression before the Examination

8 Ways to avoid Depression before the Examination

Examination time is very critical in student life. Each time we have to face new challenges in our life in the form of exams. Without passing these exams, no one can succeed in the path of success. Students need to be strong and fight exam tension and avoid depression and need to overcome it.

Prepare your mind

If prepared in a proper way can easily lead to success and escape from it very quickly. There are numerous methods in which any can learn quickly from depression following ways.

  • Meditation

It is a very powerful tool to avoid depression. Doing 5 minutes of mediation before starting of study can help not only to concentrate better but also to avoid depression. It accommodates focusing on things in a more useful way. 5 minute of meditation is also advice after study to keep self cam and focused on the subject practices and doing it in a proper way. Meditation has nothing to do with age. Even if you are in a school, it can be done. Oh, you are afraid that will not sound ‘cool’ in the friend circle. Well, do not tell them initially, as you are doing it for your success. Once you succeed, people will listen to you and will not make enjoyment of you.

  • Sleep

It is very important to have proper sleeping hours for every student to maintain physical and mental health. 8-hour sleep is required to keep well. The student who doesn’t take proper sleep and is affected by depression get impacted on their studying. Ample sleep is not only but also vital for a healthy mind body and also for creativity enhancement. Only a relaxed mind after adequate sleep time can find ways to solve a difficult mathematics question.

  • Discuss with friends

Sharing ideas among team member help to grasp a thing in a better way as it gives room to exchange knowledge between friends well. The mind gets relaxed and keeps away from depression. Laughing and sharing things of your choice make one happier. Friends are always strong pillars to find against any sort of depression. Whether it is your break-up or the examination fever, they can simplify every situation for you.

  • Desserts

Treat yourself to sweet dishes. Sweetness helps to keep away stress and depression. The mere knowledge of taking a sweet lightly up the feeling, so using it, will do miracles But don’t take extra of your limit. Make confident it is well managed else you will misuse out on a well-balanced diet and obtain calories.

  • Stay organised in personal finances

Believe it or not, derailed finances increase your worry about examination. A student who is afraid of exams will feel stress more if he cannot pay the accommodation rent. Good financial habits at the young age always help when you get mature. You must have heard about the people worrying about the money crisis and desperately looking for bad credit CCJ loans by direct lender to survive. If you do not want to be like them in the future, then read sincerely and manage money smartly. By the way, no more expensive weekend parties until your exams are complete.

  • Exercise

If you can manage to do out 15 minutes, some exercise would be good. Exercising will help the dispersion of blood all over the body and help you regain focus. Any light exercise will boost your energy level, and you will feel fresh. It is very good for physical and mental health. It causes the proper blood circulation in mind, which helps you study efficiently and understand the concepts faster.

  • Music

Oh, no need to mention it. The students are already passionate about music. However, it is important to understand that you should not listen to music that causes distraction. If you follow this, music can be a fantastic way to release stress and anxiety. Music that is calm and soothing. Music has time and again proven to be one of the best things to fight depression. You can play light music while studying too.

  • Be Happy

Most students get depressed because they try hard to be happy, and failing in their ways makes them feel more depressed. Try the backward theory to be happy. Stop chasing things, and they will chase you. Whenever you accomplish a target or complete something well in time, reward yourself. The appraisal is one of a basic need, and when you deserve it, why not have it. So give yourself to television or video games, a walk or a book, anything you like. Happiness cannot be obtained from any tool. It is just a feeling that resides in your heart.


The above points are indeed understandable because they are so simple that you can apply them even today. Think of the bigger picture, it means, how will you feel once you cross another level of school and college. Think of your future plans. It helps to realise that exams are nothing but a stage to cross. It is all in your mind, whether it is strength or weakness.

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