5 reliable ways to monetize your blog

5 reliable ways to monetize your blog


One of the best ways to earn a decent digital income is to start your blog. Considered as a hobby at one point in time, blogging has transformed into a strained way to earn a steady income. There are multiple ways to monetize your blog. In this post we are going to mention the top blog monetization options:


Join affiliate programs

 Affiliate marketing is counted among the most popular ways to monetize the blog. Unlike many other options like Google AdS, affiliate marketing doesn’t have strict entry barriers or eligibility criteria. Besides, the people reading your posts about a specific niche are more likely to be interested in the related products and brands which increases the sales opportunities. 

All you have to do is to create posts where you can naturally insert your affiliate links and insert them to your readers. Every time a reader ends up purchasing a product you will earn some commission. Moreover, WordPress has some excellent plugins for affiliates.

Advertisements for high traffic blogs

 Advertisements are among the oldest and widely prewaysred ways to earn income. Among all Google AdSense enjoys a predominant position.

However, you could easily negotiate terms directly with advertisers by utilizing display ads as opposed to PPC ads. As long as the ads are within your specific niche or industry, you can likely negotiate an amount that would be much more competitive than income from standard PPC ads. However, one thing to keep in mind is that there are some eligibility requirements in terms of quality, cons, distance, and engagement to qualify for this program.

 Secondly, the income potential depends upon high traffic volume. So, if you haven’t built significant traffic then you can’t expect a decent income from Google Adsense. That said, some factors like strategic choice of terms and keywords can help you increase your income potential per click.


Directly engage with readers through email marketing

Email marketing enables you to be in charge of your blogging income. You can utilize it in diverse ways. For instance, you can collaborate with brands to include and popularize their products/services in your emails to increase their reach and sales. For instance, if you run a technology blog then you can offer email marketing services for technical gadgets or other digital products. Likewise, you can also popularize your services or products.

 Email marketing also allows you to update readers about the latest posts to increase readership. Using strategic tactics you can also use it as a direct lead magnet. What else, email marketing is also trusted as a very effective way to hike your affiliate marketing potential.

Earn instant income through eBooks

 If you’re looking for getting tangible income in return for your writing then ebooks can be the best option to consider. Creating Ebooks isn’t as difficult as it seems. It is e n easier for bloggers. After finding a specific topic to write, start searching your blog for the relevant material that you have posted in the past. Compile a good volume of such topics highlighting different aspects. These can make things easier, quicker, er, and clearer for you. 

You may either include the finest excerpts of compiled posts into your eBook or rephrase those posts while adding more value and updated knowledge. Depending upon the quality and depth you can expect a very good income from Ebooks.


Earn regular income by selling courses

 Selling courses empowers you to earn direct income as well as strengthen relationships with your readers. The best thing about this model is that you have more flexibility to determine the income model. For instance, you can charge monthly fees, sell courses at one time or charge every quarter. Likewise, you have better control over the format. 


You may choose to sell courses in the form of gated material or offer real-time virtual classes at higher fees. Likewise, you may also set the duration and choose specific audience demographics. Many expert bloggers run live virtual courses exclusively for particular corporate brands where they provide tailored tutorials and consultancy-house proving in-house operations and productivity. You can sell such exclusive courses at premium prices.


Blogging can be the best way to earn online income as it doesn’t demand huge inputs or capital. You can build a WordPress blog with a good presentation within $100 including domain and hosting. However, it is equally, if not more, important to pick the right options to monetize your blog. In this post, we presented some of the btipstios4 to monetblogsblog. By following these tips you can easily turn your blog into an income-generating platform.


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